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The end boss of the first Final Fight, Belger is the original head of the Mad Gear gang. He appeared to be a bald, crippled man in a wheelchair. However, he was actually a skilled martial artist who had the full use of his legs and carried a crossbow around for protection. When Metro City mayor Mike Haggar began to crack down on the Mad Gear, Belger ordered Haggar's daughter Jessica to be kidnapped.

, enlisting the aid of Cody and Guy, began taking down the gang in search of his daughter. The search eventually led them to Belger, who was holding the girl. The three were taken by surprise when the supposedly invalid Belger jumped out of his wheelchair and attacked them, but he was quickly defeated. Off balance, he plunged out of his office window to his apparent death.
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Final Fight Revenge

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Page Updated:  Aug. 5th, 2018

Belger was a very effective end boss in Final Fight... but didn't turn so effective in his first and only fighting game appearance (like most characters in that game). He made an infamous cameo appearance in the North American Street Fighter TV series (in the Final Fight episode)... and after that, he disappeared for quite some time. Most recently, he makes a cameo in the Final Fight stage background of SF X Tekken

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