Demon Gaoh


As Gaoh abuses the "Dark Emperor" spirit inside of him, he becomes "Demon Gaoh". He uses the entities' power as his own and efficiently tames the underworld. Although he did it to protect this world from demons, he essentially becomes one himself. He is the final boss of Samurai Shodown 6.
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Samurai Shodown 6





Page Updated:  Nov. 24th, 2014

Every 2D fighting game developer knows: to make any fighting game villain even badder (and I know that's not REALLY a word), just make an "evil" version of them. It's been done a zillion times before (realistically like 8 or 9) and whaddya know... it worked pretty well for Gaoh. He wasn't the most convincing bad guy, considering those who came before him... so "Demon" Gaoh makes more sense as the new Samurai Shodown boss.

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