Erick is a member of a proud Viking clan. He roams the seas, expanding the might of the Vikings. When confronted about the tournament, he enters it, saying that the Viking pride will not let him lose. He is based off of the Viking sailor and founder of the first Nordic settlement in Greenland, Erik the Red.

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Page Updated: May 19th, 2012

As a design, Erik is a pretty generic Viking... even as far as Vikings go. I mean, he looks like he could be right out of a 4th grade history book! Besides being a bit obese, there's not much going on with this design. Can't say I'm a fan of his blue santa clause robe either... his attire could definitely be cooler.

Is Erik effective in his series? Since he's based off of a historical figure, yes I suppose. He was also one of the few "fat" fighting game characters in the 90's... and I guess that makes him kind of unique? lol.

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