Ruby Heart


Ruby Heart is a French-speaking pirate who owns the flying ship that is responsible for carrying the Marvel and Capcom heroes into battle. Ruby Heart was a character that Capcom made up from scratch specifically for MvC2.
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Marvel VS Capcom 2

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Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  Feb. 12th, 2019

For me, Ruby Heart was the "oops, I didn't mean to pick you" character... especially since the curser starts out on her selection box. lol. There's something cool about her outfit but she's also somewhat generic, and I was hoping she'd develop more in future games... kinda smashed my hopes, Capcom. All in all, she's a pretty cool & classy pirate chick and she has a few interesting moves, but overall she's a sleepy design.

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