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Ryoko is a Japanese judo practitioner and sports superstar that fills the hearts of the people in her hometown with pride. Even since her father left her when she was younger and hasn't seen him in a long time, she has been training under her grandfather for years. She enters the tournament to test herself. After the tournament, Ryoko returns home and continues to improve herself ever further. Ryoko has long desire to surpass her grandfather Gengoro, even after becoming the No. 1 in Judo world. And at last, she devised a new super technique "Shin Yamaarashi"! It may be too dangerous to be used in the match, but will be a fatal technique in the Great Grapple.

She is based off of Ryoko Tamura, who is a Japanese 2 or 3 time gold medallist in Judo. It's unconfirmed whether the Ryoko from World Heroes is the same Ryoko from Fighter's History, but judging from the look, fighting style, and moves... They are pretty much the same.
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World Heroes 2

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World Heroes 2 Jet, World Heroes Perfect


Page Updated:  July 8th, 2013

She's kinda cute, but there's really not much to her design... very plain. Her fighting style could make up for it, but most of her moves are also on the generic side, and she doesn't offer much in the way of originality. Look, even this 'yawning smiley' matches her color scheme... that's gotta mean something. At best, she's a "cute" design... and I guess you can say she rounds out the roster of World Heroes. However, I wouldn't say she "fits in" considering some of the others (besides the ninja clones).

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