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Nicknamed The Last Priestess of the Winds, Talim has the power to sway the wind and relies on earth's nature to guide her in her travels (and in battle). She fights with dual Tonfa-style Elbow Blades, and uses her advantage of wind control to give her an unpredictable edge during combat. What lies in her soul is Purity.

In the Village of the Wind Deity located in Southeast Asia (Philippines), there lived a small tribe of people who could control the winds. Talim was the granddaughter of the village's elder, Kalana, and daughter of its shaman, Sanput. Due to turmoil caused by the influences of the Spanish and Portuguese culture, she was reared to be its last priestess (Babaylan). The dark day that the Evil Seed pervaded through the sky, Talim felt the winds, and an evil aura that devoured everything in its path surged into her body, causing her to lose consciousness for days.

Years later (in Soul Calibur 2), when Talim was fifteen years old, a man from the west brought a strange metal fragment to her homeland, claiming it to be a "vitality charm". Talim, however, recognized the evil energy as the same force that had caused her to blackout years before, and resolved to return the metallic shard to where it belonged; wherever that was. Despite the elders' misgivings, Talim departed on a journey; concluding that when she delivered the demonic power to its rightful place, that peace would eventually be restored to the Earth.

Sensing the calamitous presence of the shard in other places of the world as well, Talim traveled to wherever the wind took her. She undoubtedly knew that the world would soon be consumed by illness and death if the evil force continued to spread. With that, Talim vowed to find all the fragments and return them to their proper forms, and even though she was young and far away from home, Talim bared no fear. She was aware of the wind surrounding her, guiding her, and blessing her - knowing that as long as the precious wind stayed with her, that she would be protected.
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Soul Calibur 2


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Soul Calibur 3, Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition, Soul Calibur 4, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny

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Page Updated:  Dec. 8th, 2017

I can't say I was much a fan of Talim when she debuted in Soul Calibur 2. Personally, I thought there were so many other characters in SC2 that outshined her. For one... Talim's "spacey" and somewhat dry personality just didn't draw me in. Her Tonfa-based fighting style has its cool moments, but overall, didn't suit my fancy. I can definitely appreciate some of her animations, though.

Later on in SC3/SC4, Talim was given some more interesting moves, better-designed outfits, and her personality even improved a little bit. She's still not one of my favorite Soul characters, but I can see how she appeals to some players. As one of the few "cute girl" archetypes of Soul Calibur, she serves her purpose. To her credit, as an innocent-looking and "passive" character, she nicely contrasts a lot of the other personalities of Soul Calibur

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