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Tetsujin is a secret character in Tekken Tag Tournament who appears to be a metal version of Mokujin. Literally translated, Tesujin means "iron man". When Tetsujin is hit, metallic noises can be heard if the player holds "down" before the battle. Tetsujin's Tekken Tag Tournament ending shows him training a legion of Mokujins. If the player wins 10 consecutive matches with any character, Tetsujin will take on a golden appearance.
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Tekken Tag Tournament


Tekken Revolution


Page Updated:  Feb. 6th, 2018

Tetsujin is a cool alternate version of Mokujin in Tekken Tag Tournament. I think he was used primarily to show off the cool "shiny" graphical effect in the game. And if you ever had a gold Tetsujin in Tekken Tag, you were simply a badass. ;) 

Also worth mentioning, Mokujin has some customizations in Tekken 5: DR and Tekken 6 that make him resemble Tetsujin, but Tetsujin himself... itself (whatever) only appeared in the original Tekken Tag Tournament.

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