Tifa Lockhart
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Introduced in Final Fantasy VII, Tifa is the childhood friend of protagonist Cloud Strife, owner of the 7th Heaven bar and member of the terrorist organization AVALANCHE, who oppose the city of Midgar's Shinra corporation and their use of "Mako" energy from the planet as a power source. She convinces Cloud to join the group to keep a closer eye on him after noticing his personality had changed, and follows him in pursuit of the game's antagonist, Sephiroth. Unable to keep him from being influenced by Sephiroth's control, she helps him recover after his mind becomes fractured, and they realize their mutual feelings for each other and work together to help defeat Sephiroth.

As children, Tifa and Cloud had decided to follow a path to a mountain near her home town of Nibelheim only for both to be injured, with Tifa in a coma for a week and her father holding Cloud responsible for the incident. Cloud eventually left to join Shinra's "SOLDIER" program in order to become stronger, later revealed to be done in order to earn her attention. In response, she requested if she was ever in danger, he would return to save her. Years later he rescued her from a berserk Sephiroth after he had destroyed the town of Nibelheim on an expedition for Shinra, beating him to a stalemate but with both Cloud and Tifa critically injured. Surviving the incident, Tifa is taken elsewhere by the martial artist instructor Zangan, eventually arriving in Midgar and meeting AVALANCHE's leader, Barret Wallace, and joins his group in order to get revenge for the destruction of her home town. She eventually encounters an incoherent Cloud at the city's train station, and convinces him to work for Barret to keep him close and safe.
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Ehrgeiz: God Bless The Ring

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Page Updated:  Oct. 9th, 2018

Tifa's original outfit design is somewhat simple, but it's actually kinda refreshing considering some other RPG designs out there. Plus, there's no arguing that she looks totally hot in it... just to state the obvious. ;) Aside from her hotness, Tifa's cool personality and badass fighting style also stand out. I loved using her in FF7 simply because she fights with her fists & feet. I'm pretty sure she was the first RPG character (that I ever used) that fought in such a way.

Her role and updated outfit in Final Fantasy: Advent Children was well done, but I actually prefer her original attire. Her fighting game debut in Ehrgiez was solid, but like the rest of the guest characters in the game, could have been better. Out of most RPG characters out there, she's probably one of the most appropriate characters to be a guest character in a fighting game (due to her martial arts based fighting style).

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