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War Machine
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A warrior outfitted in hi-tech armor, War Machine defeats his opponents with a powerful array of futuristic weapons. Tony Stark, the creator and wearer of the Iron Man armor, became overwhelmed with his numerous duties and needed someone to help him. He turned to his good friend James Rhodes, whom he met in Vietnam and who was now his personal pilot. Rhodes began filling in for Tony as Iron Man, and when Stark became an alcoholic Rhodes wore the armor full time. After several years, Stark finally overcame his problems and decided to once again don the Iron Man armor. Rhodes was given his own set of advanced armor, and adopted the identity of War Machine. Rhodes initially felt animosity over losing the Iron Man armor to Stark, but the two eventually patched things up and remain friends to this day.
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Marvel VS Capcom

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Marvel VS Capcom 2

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Page Updated:  Jan. 17th, 2015

War Machine was a perfect candidate to be a "sprite clone". Iron Man was an awesome 2D sprite in the earlier Marvel fighting games by Capcom... so why not throw in War Machine into Marvel VS Capcom just to mess with everyone? ;) I think it was kind of clever, actually. 

War Machine has most of the same moves as Iron Man, but shoots rockets instead of lasers and has an overhead super move that Iron Man doesn't. Even though he's a sprite clone, War Machine ended up being a cool and fun-to-use character in MVC. No doubt it was fun pairing up both Iron Man and War Machine in MVC2, as well. 

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