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Azwel is a man of extraordinary intelligence and a scholar in many fields, including history, medicine, war, and art. His studies about the history of humanity brought him to the conclusion that humanity would self-destruct through wars and other calamities. His fanatical love for the people led him to enact a terrifying plan to save them from themselves.

His weapon is named Palindrome, and itís a pair of gloves. The right glove includes a fragment of Soul Edge, while the left one has a piece of SoulCalibur. Azwel draws his power from the memories of past battles, preserved within those fragments. While he appears unarmed, his gloves allow him to summon a variety of deadly weapons, which he can use with brutal effects.
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Soul Calibur 6

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Page Updated:  Feb. 23rd, 2019

Azwel, I actually like his "look"... but he's sooooo damn cheap. When I think Soul Calibur, I think cool (and sometimes authentic) martial arts based fighting styles. Past Soul Calibur designs have proven that "fantasy" style characters can work well in the series, as well... but... Az-wel is like putting a freakin' BlazBlue character in Soul Calibur. He even has Jin Kisaragi's stupid "ice car" move. lol. (Pro Tip: Reversal Edge that shit). Azwel has the "SNK boss syndrome vibe" about him, but he's also a default selectable character... which may be off-putting for some Soul Calibur fans and serious players alike. He's a very difficult character to read in the hands of a skilled player, but thankfully Azwel isn't as overpowered as he seems at first.

In short, Soul Calibur 6 would be just fine (perhaps better) without a ridiculous moveset such as Azwel's. In fairness, Azwel's moveset is pretty interesting otherwise, especially his "random special attack" element. His animations are well done and all, but he's "a bit too much" for the Soul series if you ask me. Thankfully, he should never appear in any future games (considering the storyline). (And that's not a spoiler, that's just basic common sense since SC6 is a prequel.) I'm glad the SC heroes took care of this bastard early on so he didn't ruin anyone's fun in later installments.

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