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Lucky Chloe


Currently not much is known about Lucky Chloe. Her design seems to take inspiration from "Vocaloid" characters and J-Pop idols. And for some reason... she dresses like a cat. She uses an unorthodox fighting style consisting of acrobatics and dancing, simple called "Freestyle Dance". More info coming soon.
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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

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Page Updated:  Apr. 11th, 2017

I love my "badass" fighters... AKA the serious martial artists of Tekken. They're the reason I got into Tekken. However, an entire game filled with only those types would get redundant. Tekken has always been about "variety," and Chloe is definitely that. While I've mixed feelings about her look (and I'm slightly weirded-out by that cat-arm jacket)... her moveset is flashy and entertaining (especially that breakdancing business. Duck King says hi btw)! In a weird way, she also kinda reminds me of a Fighting Vipers character (that's a good thing).

Chloe will be a tough design for some Western gamers to accept. Clearly, this one is directed more towards the Japanese audience. But before you decide to hate her... just think back on past "unexpected" designs that came into Tekken. Yoshi? Bob? Alisa? Lars? True Ogre? Those guys stirred things up and were entirely different / "WTF" characters when they first arrived, but they all found their place in Tekken and appeal to certain players. Gotta remember Tekken aims to appeal to different cultures & genders, too. She has potential, if her story makes sense.

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