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Beginning in
2009, expanded into social media.  As the TFG Webmaster, in addition to managing all of the content on this website and writing weekly news articles, I've also put a ton of time and effort into managing all 5 of TFG's social profiles.  Over the years, it's been incredibly fun and rewarding interacting daily with fellow FGC members, professional players, game developers, artists, and fellow content creators.  If you follow TFG on any of the social media profiles below, THANK YOU!
To get the full TFG experience... Follow TFG on each social media profile below.  If not, you'd be missing out on some great daily content, conversations, and "likes" that won't show up unless you follow
me.  Indeed, these are my personal profiles (and I'm on my phone a lot)... so you'll also get to know a little bit more about me, Frank / Mr. Yagami.  I frequently comment, interact via DM, and add commentary to all things posted.  I also permanently avoid drama, negativity, and irrelevant posts.  Thanks to those in the FGC who make fighting game discussion on social media a fun and positive experience.  Below is TFG's official social media network and a description of the unique "focus" behind each profile.

  •    TFG YouTube  -  TFG's YouTube Channel opened for business back in 2009. The channel hosts a plethora of unique videos, weekly/monthly uploads, and exclusive content such as original gameplay compilations (several reaching well over 100,000+ views), combo music videos (CMVs), TFG Webmaster vlogs, and plenty of classic 1-on-1 match videos. As you may know, my main competitive games are TEKKEN and SoulCalibur, so expect lots of content for those games. I plan to upload more videos of "classic" fighting games (for nostalgia and historical value) in the future. TFG's YouTube also hosts official trailers, rare trailers, and classic intro movies remastered in HD. Also, don't miss TFG YouTube's Community tab which hosts polls, updates & other unique wall posts.

  •    TFG Twitter  -  Also beginning in 2009, @Fighters_Gen on Twitter is dedicated to bringing you the latest fighting game news with links directly to the articles right here on Only the most relevant fighting game news is tweeted, with occasional retweets from official developers, companies, FGC members, and other reputable sources. Occasionally, interesting or entertaining fighting game images, artwork, and videos are posted on the timeline (or "liked"), which is a simple but great way to interact with the community. Be sure to follow to see daily "Likes" which includes some very interesting and rare fighting game content.

  •    TFG Twitch  -  TFG's newest social venture... TFG Twitch kicked off in 2016 and hit 1000+ followers in under a year. As you'd expect, you can watch new and classic fighting games (and sometimes non-fighting games) streamed live with gameplay from yours truly. Special guests such as my wife, AshlynnBlue, and JET3000 occasionally join me on stream. Interact in the chat, ask me questions live, or just hang out and enjoy the show. Currently, I'm a "part time" streamer... but someday I hope to make it a fulltime thing. Upcoming planned livestreams are posted on the TFG News page and TFG Twitter.

  •    TFG Instagram  -  TFG Instagram opened up in November 2015. At first, I was unsure about the function of a TFG Insta, but time has proven Instagram to be a positive and fun social media platform for the fighting genre & community. With a main focus on artwork, TFG's Instagram is a more personally-catered profile where I upload new (and random) fighting game images that find their way onto my phone (and things I actually like). In addition to posting some news, TFG Insta posts also provide hints about upcoming updates to TFG Characters & Games pages. Occasionally, I'll also post some selfies and videos on Instagram... but not many.

  •    TFG Facebook  TFG's Facebook profile covers the most mainstream and "headlining" news, so FB-addicted members of the FGC can either "ride the hype train" or whine and complain about the latest happenings with fighting games (even though they don't actually play fighting games because they're constantly on Facebook)... all while being angry about politics! *Editor's NOTE* I never liked Facebook. It's by far my least favorite social media platform due to its lack of customizing / creativity allowed, pushy advertising, and a plethora of other flaws that I won't waste my time ranting about. Basically, I update Facebook the least out of all of the other profiles... but if you're a Facebook addict, try to get help, and make Facebook a slightly better place by sharing some TFG fighting game love, once in a while.

Thanks for visiting TFG... Never Stop Fighting.

                          Frank  "Mr. Yagami"