Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Kuma/Panda and Online Tournament Mode Confirmed for TEKKEN 7 Console Version


Following the conclusion of the King of Iron Fist 2016 Global Tournament Finals in Japan, Katsuhiro Harada took the stage to announce some TEKKEN 7 updates. Firstly, Kuma and Panda are the next playable characters in TEKKEN 7 and each have their own Rage Arts. (That next-gen fur rendering is pretty cool too.) Secondly, Online Tournament Mode was confirmed for the console version, featuring 8-player brackets with various settings. Check out the Kuma and Panda reveal trailer below, along with HD character artwork and screenshots!


kuma-tekken7-render.jpg (2937407 bytes)     kuma-tekkenforce-tekken7-render.jpg (2236831 bytes)     panda-tekken7-render2.jpg (3394709 bytes)     panda-tekken7-render.jpg (3763502 bytes)

kuma-tekken7-screenshot2.png (4487412 bytes)     kuma-tekken7-screenshot3.png (4336918 bytes)     kuma-tekken7-screenshot4.png (3627981 bytes)     kuma-tekken7-screenshot5.png (4631061 bytes)
kuma-tekken7-screenshot6.png (3987581 bytes)     panda-tekken7-screenshot.png (3299004 bytes)     panda-tekken7-screenshot2.png (3389348 bytes)     panda-tekken7-screenshot3.png (3690082 bytes)
panda-tekken7-screenshot4.png (4202564 bytes)     panda-tekken7-screenshot5.png (4053325 bytes)     panda-tekken7-screenshot6.png (4122232 bytes)     panda-tekken7-screenshot7.png (3826849 bytes)

TEKKEN 7's  Online Tournament Mode will feature options such as password protection to exclusively invite your friends, spectating, chat, and single-elimination and double-elimination settings. Early images of the mode also suggest various prizes for winning online tournaments, including in-game currency and customization items.

(click image to open full-sized version in new window)


TEKKEN 7 developer Michael Murray said that more details about Online Tournament Mode will be available soon. Michael also reiterated that there are still "more character announcements" coming for TEKKEN 7, and the console release date will likely be announced in January 2017.


In related news, a collaboration between TEKKEN 7 and New Japan Pro Wrestling was also announced at the KOIF 2016 global finals! The trailer below announces the collaboration and features NJPW champion, Kazuchika Okada! The trailer shows off a new outfit for King based on Okada's iconic ring attire!

Are Bullet Club shirts or Shinsuke Nakamura-inspired attire in the works as well? The NJPW fan in me says PLEASE NAMCO... Yeeeaooh!

Sources:  Katsuhiro HaradaMichael Murray
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