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More TEKKEN 7 Location Test Gameplay, Rage Arts, Classic Customization Items Return


Well, it's not even "Day 2" yet and TFG's first report on TEKKEN 7's Japan location test is already filled to the brim. Ready for more gameplay?!? Along with a slew of new gameplay clips (and expecting more soon), let's take a closer look at some of TEKKEN 7's Rage Arts!






Below, check out a couple gifs and videos of "Rage Arts" performed by various characters. As you might be able to tell, Rage Arts are comparable to super moves from the likes of Street Fighter 4 or Soul Calibur 5, activating slow-motion and dramatic camera angles. As previously reported, Rage Arts can only be activated when a character's health is low (and is in Rage Mode).

Next, several images of "classic" character customization items have also surfaced. Returning players will remember some of these items from TEKKEN 5, TEKKEN 6 & TTT2. Whether or not these items will have in-game functionality is unclear... (but I'd bet Asuka can probably swing that giant hammer if she wants to).

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t7-location-test-leo-custom.jpg (34365 bytes)       t7-location-test-lili-asuka-custom.jpg (26825 bytes)       t7-location-test-lili-custom.jpg (41568 bytes)       t7-location-test-lili-goth-custom.jpg (42148 bytes)
t7-location-test-lili-heihachi-custom.jpg (38170 bytes)       t7-location-test-lili-lars-custom.jpg (30985 bytes)       t7-location-test-ling-custom.jpg (33894 bytes)       t7-location-test-paul-custom.jpg (27912 bytes)

t7-location-test-dark-shades-custom.jpg (18645 bytes)       t7-location-test-kaz-custom.jpg (20127 bytes)       t7-location-test-purple-shades-custom.jpg (17473 bytes)       t7-location-test-red-glasses-custom.jpg (17962 bytes)
t7-location-test-wings-custom.jpg (31516 bytes)       t7-location-test-wings-custom2.jpg (70029 bytes)       t7-location-test-kaz-custom2.jpg (14723 bytes)

Regarding the current state of TEKKEN 7's graphics quality, producer Harada restated on Twitter that the graphics engine is currently at 60%. Harada clarified that the early build has no character lighting, and skin shaders & texture qualities (among other elements) will be greatly improved once the team implements Unreal Engine 4.
Stay tuned, as this article will be updated with new content later today. And make sure you didn't miss out on any of the footage or details from TFG's earlier report! For your convenience, here are the latest details on TEKKEN 7's new systems and other changes.

(UPDATED: SUNDAY, OCT 5TH, 2014 - at 3:45 AM (EST)


Once your health falls below a certain value, you enter into rage mode and your attack power increases. During that time, you have access to special powerful moves known as rage arts.

The command varies per character, so check the command list.
  • When the life bar indicates, you have access to rage arts.

  • You can use them in combos.

  • Go for the comeback victory!


Even if you are hit during your attack, you will continue to attack until the end of the move. It is powerful as you can use it as often as you like, to absorb as many attacks as you like, but you will still take the damage from the opponent's move, so watch your life bar carefully.

In the move list on page 3, the red moves are rage arts, the blue moves are power crush. It also mentions that power crush moves will only absorb the opponent's high and mid moves.


  • Slow-motion effect for K.O. will occur at the same time as the final hit, but will activate BEFORE the final hit if both fighters are in Rage, at certain times. Details aren't 100% clear, but we do know that this effect can potentially look epic and downright dramatic! LIKE THIS.

  • Several new ways to get up from the ground, including: stand up and retreat without rolling and right kick (d+4) into back roll from the ground.

  • A few new stagger animations. Noticed 2 new ones after hit by low attack.

  • Rage Art can be done in a combo for huge damage. Watch Feng do one HERE. Damage scaling confirmed.

  • Rage Mode does not enhance a character's attack power very much (if at all), and only enables the use of Rage Art (or other specific character ability).

  • One of the stages has 3 levels (2 floor breaks possible).

  • Overall damage is comparable to T5:DR - seems balanced so far. 

  • Combos are shorter, similar to T5: DR and Tekken Revolution.

  • Claudio can activate a power in his right arm (causing it to glow), and has access to new (or powered-up) moves. He has a ton of stylish moves & mannerisms, some which seem JoJo's Bizarre Adventure-inspired. For his Rage Art, he conjures up a bow and fires an arrow. Watch his Rage Art taking off a ton of damage HERE.

  • Rage Arts are comparable to super moves from SF4 & SC5, activating slow motion during gameplay and dramatic camera angles. They aren't completely "foolproof" and do require fairly solid timing & spacing to connect. However, Rage Arts do have "armor" attached to them and can go through attacks.

  • Bound is still in the game, but functions differently. Some attacks will "knock the opponent out of the air" and they will fall into a bound state. Some attacks also put opponent in bound state from standing (like in TR). However, many moves that used to bound don't anymore (or at least, currently don't in this build of the game). Ground and wall breaks will still cause bound as well.

  • The new bound system is being dubbed "Kirimomi" in Japan, which translates to "Aerial Tailspin".

  • Free attack after K.O is enabled (like in Tekken 6)! There are no round replays in this build of the game - it isn't known whether or not they'll be added in the future.

  • The in-game camera is slightly further back from characters compared to TTT2.

  • All characters have brand new character models from the ground up. However, current character models do not show lighting or have finished skin shaders & texture quality.

  • Katarina has simple strings (to appeal to beginners) by repeatedly pressing one button (similar to Hwoarang's 3,3,3 or 4,4,4,4).

  • There are no Invincible moves like in Tekken Revolution.

  • Some new costumes, such as Kazuya's long jacket from TTT1 intro.

  • New vibrant hit sparks / particle effects.

  • There is no tech roll. Several players tried and it didn't happen.

TFG's Coverage of the TEKKEN 7 Location Test Continues in (DAY 2)

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