Thursday, October 24th, 2013

Ultra Street Fighter IV - Red Focus Attacks
& Ultra Combo Doubles Confirmed


For months now, Capcom has been pretty silent regarding any updates on Ultra Street Fighter IV. Tonight, Combofiend over at CapcomFightersTV just revealed some fresh details. He announced two new gameplay systems for Ultra SF4: Red Focus Attack (allows players to sacrifice meter to absorb more than one attack) & Ultra Combo Double (allows the use of both Ultra moves in a match, but sacrifices damage). Below, read additional details on these systems and check out the reveal video.


In Ultra SF4, players can choose to have access to both of their character's Ultra moves at the character selection screen. The cost of this convenience is damage reduction when the Ultras connect (the specific amount is still being adjusted, and Capcom will be taking community feedback into consideration).


In addition, the new Red Focus Attack allows a character to absorb more than one attack by sacrificing some of their meter. The amount of meter that Red Focus Attacks will cost is still being worked out. Capcom will be holding some Ultra SF4 location tests in the near future to iron out these new systems.

Source:  Capcom Fighters
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