Monday, September 11th, 2017

Samurai Shodown V Special Hits PS4 / PS Vita Tomorrow


Samurai Shodown V Special comes out on Playstation 4 and PS Vita this Tuesday, complete with online netplay. The first ever console port of SSV Special is priced at $14.99 at launch and, along with online play, features cross-play between PS4/Vita (and it's cross-buy), Gallery Mode with unlockable artwork, a music library (where you can customize the main menu song), and Trophies. Today, released a launch trailer (below) and article outlining the game's mechanics. 

If you don't pick up Samurai Shodown V Special for PS4 or Vita on day one, keep your eye on it... because SNK usually discounts their classic titles on PS4 within a few months.

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