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Julia Chang and Negan Join TEKKEN 7 on February 28th


Before the start of the EVO Japan 2019 top 8 finals for TEKKEN 7, Bandai Namco's Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray took the stage to unveil a new gameplay trailer for Julia Chang and Negan. The final two characters of TEKKEN 7 Season 2 will join the game next Thursday on February 28th. In addition, the trailer subtly showed off some brand new alternate versions of stages, two of which TEKKEN 7 vanilla players might recognize. (More details on the new stages will be confirmed soon.) The end of the trailer (below) also contains a must-see cameo by Harada-san himself. Negan even obtained Harada's "DON'T ASK ME FOR SHIT!" catchphrase in the game.

Pictured below, Harada's iconic "DON'T ASK ME FOR SHIT!" FGC meme.

On that note, the developer's cameo in the trailer above is pretty revolutionary... with Bandai Namco themselves taking a shot at the now "standard" practice of releasing one fighting game DLC character at a time.

To quote Negan, "You the developers? ... "The ones that pull that sh*t releasing characters one at a time? You going to put me in the next update, right Harada?"

Brilliant stuff as usual... Once again,
returning fan favorite series veteran, Julia Chang, and Negan from The Walking Dead will join TEKKEN 7 on Thursday, February 28th.

[UPDATE] Added new HD screenshots and character bios (below). Julia Chang's three alternate have been revealed in this latest batch of screenshots.

juliachang-tekken7-classic-costume.png (2779678 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot8.jpg (2986403 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot10.jpg (3243586 bytes)      negan-tekken7-screenshot.jpg (315847 bytes)
juliachang-tekken7-screenshot.jpg (2816112 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot3.jpg (4184763 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot4.jpg (3535030 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot5.jpg (4397156 bytes)
juliachang-tekken7-screenshot6.jpg (3814388 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot9.jpg (3157288 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot11.jpg (3727986 bytes)      juliachang-tekken7-screenshot14.jpg (3124192 bytes)      negan-tekken7-screenshot3.jpg (223715 bytes)
negan-tekken-screenshot.jpg (2353681 bytes)
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Character Bio -  JULIA CHANG

Country: USA

Fighting Style: Xin Yi Liu He Quan and Baji Quan

After retiring as the masked fighter Jaycee, Julia concentrated fully on expanding her reforestation efforts around the globe, far from the fighting scene. But her project quickly needed money. Finding it difficult to secure backers, Julia was forced to return to the fight far sooner than she had wanted. Seeking one final fight, she made it her mission to beat Kazuya Mishima. Doing so, she theorized, would gain the global attention, and subsequent funding, that her project required.


Character Bio - NEGAN

Country: USA

 Fighting Style: N/A

The Walking Dead’s Negan, the charismatic leader of the Saviors, brought other communities together under his thumb with the motto “people are a resource.” One day, Negan received reports that an unknown group had taken out several of his men. Per his standard policy, he enacted a plan to capture and make an example of them. The survivors fell into Negan's carefully laid trap, but, just as he was choosing his victim to serve as an example, the group put up an intense fight and escaped. Negan worried they would disturb his new world order if he did not deal with them swiftly. Taking his barbed-wire bat Lucille - named after his beloved wife - into his hand, he set out to take care of these foolish ingrates who would challenge his authority.

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