Monday, July 24th, 2017

How to Select Shin Akuma in Ultra Street Fighter II


Over the weekend, Capcom's SDCC '17 panel randomly revealed that Shin Akuma is a hidden playable character in Ultra Street Fighter 2 for Nintendo Switch. To select him requires an "old school" style input code. The code is: Select Ryu and cancel on color #1, Select Ken and cancel on color #9, select Sagat then cancel on color #8, select Bison then cancel on color #7, and then place cursor on Random and hit L+R. (Fun Fact: The code "1987" represents the year SF1 came out).

Below, check out a video by Direct-Feed Games showing the code being used, plus some Shin Akuma gameplay.

As one might expect, Shin Akuma in Ultra SF2 is quite overpowered and cannot be used in local online and internet battles.

Sources:  ShoryukenGamespotDirect-Feed Games
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