TFG Webmaster F.Yagami here... Allow me to introduce TFG's Featured Artist:

BACKSTORY:  Jet and I originally met at a mall arcade around the year 2000, when Marvel VS Capcom 2 first hit arcades. Ahh the memories. . . we were undisputedly the top two players at our local arcade. Over time, Jet and I became known among the regulars for breaking each other's ridiculous win streaks (usually upwards of 30 to 40 wins) upon arrival to the arcade (no mercy for the mall scrubs!). After a few insanely close matches, eventually, one of us would send the other back to the token machine with a "good game," leaving the crowd in awe. Furthermore, we were both known for being proficient with Guile in our MVC2 teams (which was ironic, since nobody used Guile in MVC2). This only added fuel to our rivalry, of course. . .

Some time later, we crossed paths at a local coffee shop. I saw Jet drawing in a sketchbook at his table, something that immediately caught my attention (being a casual pencil artist myself). He had a hot girl with him too, which also caught my attention. lol. Long story short, it wasn't long before we became good friends after discovering we share similar passions in life. . . a love for drawing since childhood, martial arts, collecting toys, Marvel comics, Asian culture (although that's a given for Jet), a similar taste in music, and of course, fighting games. Even back then, we shared the same appreciation for artwork - more specifically: Marvel, Capcom, SNK & Namco art! Upon realizing this, there's no doubt that I found a kindred spirit. One of Jet's good friends at the time (and rival in X-Men VS Street Fighter), Jose (JudoDarkFist), also became a lifelong friend of mine. We would soon be dubbed "The Grandmasters". Long story short, we've been friends almost 20 years. 

fyagami-jet3000-judodarkfist-dec2017.png (2990934 bytes)
The Grandmasters.
Dec. 2017.
fyagami-jet3000-judodarkfist-dec2017-2.png (2614037 bytes)
Dec. 2017.
jet3000-2018.png (2715723 bytes)
Jet3k. Fancy style. 2018.

grandmasters2018-berns.png (3039833 bytes)
Grandmasters Celebration 2018. 
fyagami-jet3000-judodarkfist-jan2018.jpg (775420 bytes)
At the Yagami lair.
Jan. 2018.
jet3000-katsuhiro-harada-ceo2017.jpg (146508 bytes)
Jet3000 & Katsuhiro Harada. CEO 2017. Don't mind the man-purse, that's his drawing stuff! ^o^
frank-jet-nov2015.png (1909019 bytes)
TFG Webmaster & Featured Artist: Frank Yagami, JET3000.
frankbrucejet.jpg (136287 bytes)
Me, Jet & Bruce Lee. Hmm, Bruce & Jet... separated at birth?!
jet3000-skullface-2017.jpg (77533 bytes)
JET3000 & Skullface. 2017.
jet3000-judodarkfist-dec2017.png (2253163 bytes)
JET3000 looking whimsical. Talking about something interesting. I forget.
Dec. 2017.
jet3000-fyagami-ashlynnblue-judodark-fist-shinkiro-art-lol.jpg (325453 bytes)
Selfie by JET3000.
Looks like a Shinkiro collage. Jan. 2018.
fyagami-ashlynnblue-shellyfox-jet3000-july2017.png (1243783 bytes)
Typical Art Session + Boba Tea. July 2017.
fyagami-jet3000-shellyfox-aug2017.png (5562498 bytes)
FYagami, JET3000, Shelly Fox. August 2017.
harada-jet.png (773414 bytes)
Harada-san & Jet. 
CEO 2011.
harada-jet-frank.png (789364 bytes)
Frank & Jet with Katsuhiro Harada, creator of Tekken.

After countless battles (notably in Marvel VS Capcom 2, Soul Calibur 2, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 5, etc)... 100's of drawing sessions... Travels to distant lands... and after all the unforgettable, crazy good times, we're family. Not to be sappy here, but I'm a lucky guy to have met such true and lifelong friends.

jet3k-wally-racing.jpg (50539 bytes)
Jet & his brother doing some racing.
jet3000-fancy13.jpg (59135 bytes)
Jet's P4 outfit. Press X, O + L1, L2 to select.
jet-shelly-frank-hongkong-photobooth.jpg (70195 bytes)
HK photo booth shenanigans.
hklibrary2.png (895823 bytes)
Jet, Frank & Shelly at the badass Hong Kong library. 2010.
hk3.jpg (71951 bytes)
Good times.
jet-chucks.jpg (49467 bytes)
Nunchaku skills.
jetcomics.png (1138033 bytes)
Jet / KOF comics.
jetshoosh.png (977669 bytes)
Hong Kong 2010.
jets.png (910889 bytes)
At Jet's place with Josuke. Something appears to be funny.
jet-shooosh.jpg (15824 bytes)
Old school TFG shirt!

castle09-5.png (644106 bytes)
Old friends.

Over the years, Jet has taught me a lot about life (while I've taught him the ways of TEKKEN ). More importantly (for this page), Jet has taught me eons regarding the art of Drawing! That said, I'm proud to feature some of JET3000's amazing, hilarious, and inspiring artwork on The Fighters Generation. Please keep in mind everything Jet draws is completely from scratch (no tracing or copying whatsoever). I hope you can appreciate his unique art style (and sense of humor) as much as I have over the years. Also note that some art on this page he drew 10+ years ago.

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Below, you'll find a mix of new & old artworks by JET3000.
drogo-by-jet3000.jpg (382491 bytes)
Khal Drogo. (pencil)
necalli-sf5-sketch-by-jet3000.png (216060 bytes)

SF5 Necalli Sketch. (pen)
chunli-sketch-2014-by-jet3000.jpg (674819 bytes)

Chun-Li Sketch.
spawn-by-jet3000-2015.jpg (157767 bytes)
Spawn Commission
(pen / marker)
jet3000-sf5-ken-birdie.png (1142524 bytes)

SF5 Ken & Birdie 2-Minute Sketch.
jinkazama-by-jet3000-2013.png (1339533 bytes)

Jin Kazama, drawn for runner-up of TFG Banner Contest 2013.
kyo-kusanagi-by-jet3000-2013.png (865017 bytes)

Kyo Kusanagi, drawn for runner-up of TFG Banner Contest 2013.
iori-yagami-by-jet3000-2013.png (799436 bytes)

Iori Yagami, drawn for runner-up of TFG Banner Contest 2013.
fengwei-tekken-chibi.jpg (40076 bytes)
(Style Request) Chibi Feng Wei. (pen)
apocalypse2015-by-jet3000.jpg (108608 bytes)

Apocalypse unhappy with 2015 X-Men movie version. (pen)
kyo-jojo-style.jpg (41150 bytes)

(Style Request) Kyo Kuasanagi in JoJo style. (pen)
hachi-bison-by-jet3000-2013.png (543284 bytes)

(Character Fusion) M. Bison X Heihachi. (pen)
t-rex-by-jet3000-2013.png (461505 bytes)

Random T-Rex sketch.
jon-talbain-by-jet3000-2013.png (885261 bytes)

Quick Jon Talbain sketch. (pen)
strider-hiryu-by-jet3000-2013.jpg (113693 bytes)
Strider Hiryu, drawn for the winner of TFG's Banner Contest 2013. (tablet)
mvc2-postits-by-jet3000.png (3673700 bytes)

"Classic" MVC2 post-it collage. (pen & colored markers)
tekken-fengwei-page-by-jet3000.png (3442018 bytes)

"Classic" Tekken 5 Feng Wei page! (pen & marker)
randompage2005-by-jet3000.png (3696216 bytes)

Random page: Power Rangers bad guy & M. Manson included.
(pen & marker)
tiny-fighting-game-characters-by-jet3000.png (3596829 bytes)

A collage of fighting game characters, drawn very very tiny on the page. lol. (pen)
apocalypse2005-by-jet3000.png (3247513 bytes)

Apocalypse sketch (marker & pen)
gambit2013-by-jet3000.jpg (105808 bytes)

Gambit sketch (pen)
xforce-by-jet3000-2013.png (1711594 bytes)

X-Force sketch (pen)
paul-phoenix-byjet3000-2013.jpg (69919 bytes)

Paul Phoenix sketch (pen)
hotchick-by-jet3000.jpg (36848 bytes)
Random hot chick (pen)
old-karate-master-by-jet3000.jpg (71065 bytes)

Old Karate Master (pen)
craig-marduk-sad-by-jet3000.png (1079774 bytes)
"Sad" Marduk after losing. (tablet)
superman-by-jet3000.jpg (54570 bytes)
Superman sketch. (pen)
young-heihachi-by-jet3000.jpg (64566 bytes)
Young "cool" Heihachi. (pen)
urien-j3k12.jpg (110210 bytes)
Urien (tablet)
daigo-color-by-jet3000.jpg (115617 bytes)

Daigo Kazama (tablet)
blanka-6thstrike-by-jet3000.jpg (67524 bytes)

"6th Strike" Blanka... has seen better days. (pen)
blanka-6thstrike-by-jet3000-2.jpg (53048 bytes)

"6th Strike" Blanka... more successful in his life. (pen)
guile-6thstrike-by-jet3000.jpg (39158 bytes)

"6th Strike" Guile... should consider a new hairstyle (pen)
zangief-6thstrike-by-jet3000.jpg (80181 bytes)

"6th Strike" old man Zangief... still a badass. (pen)
charle-6thstrike-by-jet3000.jpg (57592 bytes)

"6th Strike" Charlie (pen)
bhayato-by-jet3000.png (1048017 bytes)

B. Hayato (tablet)
transformers-tekken.png (4308745 bytes)

Tekken, Transformers, and other random sketches (pen)
cablesketches.png (3410403 bytes)

Cable sketches in different styles. (pen)
akuma-ceo-sketch.png (518513 bytes)

Akuma "sketch" (tablet)
akuma-j3k12.jpg (199522 bytes)

Akuma "clean" (tablet)
jet-ryu-color.png (410298 bytes)

Alpha Ryu (colored)
j3k-alpharyu.jpg (143493 bytes)

Alpha Ryu (pencil)
jet-gouken.png (1817830 bytes)

Gouken (pen)
jet-violentken.png (538156 bytes)

Violent Ken (colored)
violentken-pen.png (404982 bytes)

Violent Ken Original (pen)


In January 2013, Team TFG (Mr. Yagami, Jet3000 & JudoDarkFist) created a character for Capcom's "Embrace The Dark" Darkstalkers contest, with Jet as the lead artist on the project. Our entry placed 5th (out of 800)... not bad.
Azael_Design_notes.jpg (550542 bytes)
Azael_3_Turns.jpg (396956 bytes)
Azael's stance, from 3 perspectives.
Azael_3_Turns_Player2.jpg (343603 bytes)
Azael's Player-2 colors.
Azael_Statue.jpg (158340 bytes)
"Stone Mode" artwork.
Azael_StoneMode.jpg (427981 bytes)
Azael in Stone Mode.

Azael Sketch
Azael_Face.jpg (210449 bytes)
Azael face sketches
Red_Stage.jpg (279043 bytes)
Azael's stage concept

Azael Sketch
Tailwhip.jpg (191965 bytes)
Azael "Tail Whip"
For more about Azael, check out his full character profile that we used for the contest!


In June 2012, Jet was asked to create the official poster art for major fighting game tournament, CEO 2012. This ended up being his biggest art project to date, as he drew a ton of different characters. I had the privilege of inputting a few suggestions on which characters he should draw for the poster (which was quite fun, let me tell you). All of this was drawn on tablet.
ceo2012poster-by-jet3000.png (1506240 bytes)

CEO 2012 poster!
ceo2012poster-bw-j3k12.jpg (712114 bytes)
Early version of the CEO 2012 poster.

Iori Yagami

Strider Hiryu

Super Skrull

Ash Crimson

C. Viper

M. Bison

Albert Wesker

Nina Williams

Iron Fist

Duo Lon




Hugo hates BBA Megaman


Back in April 2009, Jet was asked to do the prologue and epilogue artwork for Tony V's short film, The Shadow's Ambition... This artwork was done solely on the computer with a pen tablet and mouse, a new medium for Jet, but his style definitely shows through! And by the way, he whipped these up in about 2 days flat.
shadow3.jpg (181015 bytes)
Sho & The Yakuza Gangsters LMAO @ Nathan's face.
shadow1.jpg (245013 bytes)
Sho Osaki.
shadow2.jpg (190746 bytes)
Flying Knee.
shadow5.jpg (119543 bytes)
Get ready...
shadow7.jpg (115633 bytes)
Trademark side profile... Always good.



Jet has also drawn yours truly a handful of times, and he does manage to capture my aura if I do say so myself. Jet also portrayed me as several characters that I'm known for using in games. xD Also shown are some drawings of friends of ours.

fyagami-2013-by-jet3000.png (720964 bytes)
FYagami 2013 version. (pen)
fyagami2005-sketches.png (2004169 bytes)
Electric Yagami (pen)
fyagami-mean-2013.jpg (54469 bytes)
Feeling a little evil in this one (pen)
frank-jackman-2005.png (1176317 bytes)
Frank Jackman.
"Let's go bub."
chibi-grandmasters.png (756968 bytes)
"The Grandmasters" - Chibi versions
(blue pen)
frank-brush.png (205097 bytes)
Yagami side profile
(brush & ink)
fyagami-evilyagami.jpg (51697 bytes)
Mr. Yagami... and "Evil" Yagami. (pen)
fyagami-uniform.jpg (81481 bytes)
Mr. Yagami at work, in martial arts uniform. (pen)
yagami-j3k-rs.jpg (99066 bytes)

Samurai Yagami
grandmasters2013.jpg (75552 bytes)
"The Grandmasters" - Jet3000, JudoDarkFist & F.Yagami (pen)
fyagami-chibi-2013.jpg (69365 bytes)
Chibi F.Yagami (pen)
fyagami-chibi-2013-2.jpg (82968 bytes)
Chibi Frank, hair down (pen)
jet3k-chibi-byjet3000.jpg (74559 bytes)
Jet3k self portrait in the same style (pen)
judodarkfist-chibi-by-jet3000.jpg (51830 bytes)
Chibi Josuke AKA JudoDarkFist (pen)
brotha-kyo-by-jet3000-2013.jpg (38265 bytes)
Brotha Kyo! A long time friend and TFG fan.
fyagami-2013.jpg (54204 bytes)
Back when my hair was short. (pen)
fyagami-young-2013.jpg (56568 bytes)
Young, cocky FYagami. (pen)
fyagami-5thstrike-byjet3000.jpg (63257 bytes)
"5th Strike, buff" Yagami... lol. (pen)

Yagami Group

Yagami Group 

"Fox Yagami"

"Hyper Viper Yagami"


"Soul Yagami"



Now for some of Jet's comical stuff. The first series is properly entitled "Akuma in the morning".... Self explanatory and simply brilliant if you ask me. These were created in 2003.

akuma-wakingup-j3k.jpg (18387 bytes)
He actually made Akuma look cute... lol.

akuma-yawn-j3k.jpg (24519 bytes)
So much effort put into that yawn.
akuma-hair-j3k.jpg (18233 bytes)
So that's how he does it...
akuma-teeth-j3k.jpg (18071 bytes)
Such a sketchy face, but so accurate!


Next up... The infamous "Shadowlootron." Yes, Shadaloo pretty much meets Transformers here. I swear, only Jet could think something like this up. Never can I look at the following series of pictures and not laugh my ass off. These were created in 2003.

shadowlootronbotconator4.jpg (20726 bytes)
Bison yells "MERGE!!!"

shadowlootronbotconator3.jpg (21472 bytes)
Jet - "Vega really doesn't like this part..."
shadowlootronbotconator2.jpg (22042 bytes)
The Shadowlootron gets Vega's claw as a weapon.
shadowlootronbotconator.jpg (15600 bytes)
"Vehicle mode"... Vega is the grill, and somehow, Sagat and Balrog = wheels? What!? XD


Last but not least is a hilarious Dan comic that Jet created sometime in 2003 (while at work), and it never fails to crack me up, still to this day. I particularly love Vega's vivid facial expressions... yes, Vega (mask). These go in order - left to right & top to bottom. Enjoy!




                        dan-vega-comic-j3k18.jpg (30240 bytes)

To be continued?!?