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Ace is a secret agent of the government and is the final model of the Cycloid Beta and Gamma models. Therefore he can copy the movements of other fighters. In Street Fighter EX3, the player can assign moves to by passing tests in the edit mode. Ace only appears in SFEX3, but has access to some moves from previous installments.


Street Fighter EX3




Page Updated:  May 27th, 2019

You can call him "Mr. No Personality".... lol. Ace was simply the "SFEX3 Edit Mode guy"... because back then, we didn't have the luxuries of visual customizations. ^o^ lol. In case you don't know what I'm referring to: In SFEX3: you could essentially create your own fighting style, but you're stuck with Ace as your custom character.

I think Capcom tried to keep his design simple, as to be "likeable"... but in general Ace seems like an afterthought. Hmph.. makes sense since SFEX3 was widely known as being a "rushed" title due to the launch of the PlayStation 2.

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