Bob's real name is Robert Richards. Bob had always been very serious about his training. He was hailed as a master of martial arts from a very young age, and he garnered many fans with his chiseled body and good looks. However, he could not defeat opponents who were larger than him. He vanished from the martial arts scene and dedicated himself to a special training regimen that increased his power and weight while maintaining his agility. After several years in seclusion, Bob returned to the fighting world a changed man.

Those who know Bob were astonished by his transformation. His handsome looks were gone and he gained a disproportionate amount of weight. Bob paid no attention to his critics, and relied on the benefits of his training: speed, power and unyielding weight. He decided that he was ready to return to competition; he joined The King of Iron Fist Tournament 6 to test his martial arts abilities once again. A skinny version of Bob (Slim Bob) is a selectable character in Tekken Tag Tournament 2.
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Tekken 6

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Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion, Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, Street Fighter X Tekken, Tekken Revolution

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Page Updated:  Sept. 18th, 2022

Step aside Ganryu, Bob is the new fat guy of Tekken town. lol. Bob has a pretty simple appearance to go along with his generic-ass name, but that fact alone actually makes him kind of original in the Tekken universe. All that before we talk about all that power that comes from his belly. Fat fighting game characters were always pretty interesting, some inspired by the likes of Sammo Hung. Shoutouts to Cheng, Kang, and Rufus, btw.

By looks and fighting style alone, Bob is solid comic relief for the Tekken series, and also a unique fighting game character in his own right thanks to his dynamic fighting style. A fat guy who can pull off perfectly executed jump spin kicks and back flips? Brilliant. He's got a great variety of moves, and will likely appeal to many players out there who are looking for something "different". 

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