Rebecca is a tonfa-wielding female martial artist from Holland, also searching for Koga Shuko. She had fallen in love with a man named Eric, who she met at her father's martial arts dojo. Eventually, she discovered that Eric was a spy from Shuko, and that he was attempting to absorb the dojo into his evil operations. After an emotional battle with Eric, she decides to take down Shuko.

Double Dragon





Page Updated:  Mar. 29th, 2022

Rebecca from the NeoGeo Double Dragon fighting game is like a mix of Art of Fighting 3's Kasumi Toudou and Rody Birts. Basically Kasumi's appearance and Rody's weapon and fighting style (close enough!) Like other characters from her game, Rebecca is a painfully plain design in some ways. Yet, she's somehow simple enough to be likeable... in some ways. I'm sure she's broken a lot of hearts.

Moveset-wise, her tonfa-based moveset and fighting style offers some of the typical special moves you'd expect out of a 2D fighting game character of the time. A shoto-style Shoryuken as an anti-air? Seems fair game. Animation-wise, she could be better... but her key frames are halfway decent.

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