Soul Edge


Soul Edge, later known as Inferno, is the physical manifestation of the cursed sword Soul Edge's own soul. It fights using the attack style of other fighters from its memories of past battles, and will switch to a random one at the start of each round. Though it exists in its own dimension, Chaos, it has used duplicity such as in the case of tricking Siegfried into expanding its will, and in more extreme cases utilized Cervantes' flaming corpse and later the remnants of Nightmare's armor to create an avatar for itself. Its will and power has directly and indirectly affected several other characters in the series, such as the Evil Seed event that caused many to turn somewhat evil or insane. It has also caused the creation of several life forms or modification of them, such as Ivy's sword, Charade, Necrid and Abyss. As Soul Edge, it appeared in Namco X Capcom, shown to have the abilities to create Charades at will, as well as teleport its evil body.


Soul Edge



Soul Blade


Page Updated:  Mar. 23rd, 2023

As much as I loved Soul Edge (the game), I thought the final boss could've been a bit better... but I did enjoy his stage a lot. "Mr. Soul Edge" made more sense as the boss of Soul Blade, since his name wasn't exactly the game's title anymore. (This game isn't all about you! Get over yourself.) Haha. I just thought it was cool that his name was still Soul Edge in Soul Blade.  Years later, it would appear he also inspired Golden Axe to do the very same thing. These evil bad guys with their evil plans... always stealing ideas from one another.

As a character design, he isn't anything too elaborate. The whole flaming skull gimmick is obviously reminiscent of Ghost Rider. In some ways, he was a decent boss - although he mostly borrowed moves from Cervantes's fighting style (outside of a few boss-exclusive moves). Thankfully, the SoulCalibur series acquired some much cooler and more interesting boss designs in future sequels.

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