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Chaos is from Sri Lanka, and uses the Scythe and Genbu Shield as his weapon. He is one of the executives of the Secret Society, a criminal organization, who had suddenly and unexplainably lost his memories and became completely insane. However, his position in the organization was still held and Chaos entered the second Toshinden tournament. When the Secret Society had fallen in its conclusion, Chaos had managed to survive somehow and then participated in the third tournament.

However, during the events of the fourth tournament, Genma possesses the shield once carried by Chaos, indicating a high probability that he was killed by him.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2

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Battle Arena Toshinden 3


Page Updated:  Sept. 6th, 2013

Chaos is a pretty cool looking character design overall... He's one skeleton of a human isn't he? He's a convincing "bad guy" for the Toshinden series, and is an effective design all around... he fits right in with the rest of the cast. I like his weapon.

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