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Dwayne Davis
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Dwayne Davis is a 32-year old fighter who uses a fighting style called "Rush," a mix of boxing and wrestling. Dwayne is the leader of the Zaps gang. After losing his family at a very young age, he values his gang members and homeboys. After having one of his closest members, KG, disappear, he suspects that Shun Ying and her Chinese gang may have taken him and begins to attack them.


Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  May 15th, 2013

Dwayne didn't play much of a role in Urban Reign. The dude can throw some fists, but visually, he's just a generic street thug... and Dwayne's "street thug" attire isn't the coolest I've seen. Ya tryin' too hard bro! What's with them genie pants and all that bling? Unecessary. Nice try ripping off Steve Fox too. lol

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