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Jaycee debuted as a mysterious masked female luchador (or luchadora). An unnamed luchadora was set to join the Tekken Tag Tournament 2 tournament but she was injured in a car crash. The unnamed grieving woman plead with Julia Chang to take her position in the tournament instead. While initially hesitant, Julia agrees to don the luchadora outfit and enter the tournament under the alias "Jaycee". The identity of the injured woman and her link to Julia is left unknown. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Jaycee and King formed a team to face off against the duo of Craig Marduk and Armor King.

In case you didn't notice, it should be noted that the name "Jaycee" sounds like Julia Chang's initials: "J.C." When wrestling in her luchadora attire, Jaycee wears Julia's original necklace and uses many of Julia's moves, but adds a plethora of wrestling holds and throws. In Tekken Tag Tournament 2, JayCee's mask can be removed during customization - which will result in her name changing to Julia Chang in the game.
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Tekken Tag Tournament 2

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Tekken Revolution

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Page Updated:  Oct. 30th, 2023

Jaycee represents one of the few fighter types that the Tekken series hasn't really featured yet, the speedy Luchador! While Jaycee has many of Julia's original moves, she has a ton of awesome Lucha Libre inspired attacks and some awesomely hard-hitting throws. It's pretty hard to top the epicness of King's & Armor King's throws (especially when it comes to animations), but Jaycee's animations are just awesome. 

In my opinion, Julia was one of the character designs in the later of the Tekken series that needed "something"... and I'm glad Namco thought so to! This alternate version of Julia makes her a more interesting character (and also explains why Julia had a few "wrestling throws" to begin with. On a side note, she also reminds me of one of my favorite Street Fighter females... R. Mika (and even has a jumping butt-attack of her own!) XD

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