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Napalm 99
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The man they call "Napalm 99" rounded up the goons who were recently released from the joint and formed "The Outlaws". Napalm 99 espouses radical morals and policies, and gets a huge kick out of violence and other forms of social disorder.


Urban Reign

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Page Updated:  June 14th, 2019

You better have your shit together if you're gonna step up and fight a dude this big.... lmao. In my opinion, Napalm 99 is one of the best and funniest characters of Urban Reign. There's nothing scarier than when this huge elephant of a man is running straight at you with bad intentions! His size strikes fear into every other character in the game, and you better be quick when fighting against him.... he has his weaknesses. lol. But seriously, don't let him put his hands on you or else it's gonna hurt!

As a design, he's got a simplistic outfit... but the dude looks cool. *Reads official storyline* Y'know, Napalm 99 should clean up his life and join the WWE! He could become WWE champ in a few years I think.

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