Tina Armstrong

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Tina is a superstar in the women's wrestling world and the daughter of the undefeated champion of professional wrestling, Bass Armstrong. She enters the DOA tournament in order to get discovered, and aims to make it big in Hollywood. Her father constantly tries to convince her that the Hollywood life isn't for her, but she will not give up her dream, usually resulting in the two of them quarreling. During the events of DOA2, she got closer to her goal by becoming a supermodel and appeared on a TV show. In DOA3, she went on to star in a war-action film, and in DOA4, she starred in a music video.
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Dead or Alive


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Dead or Alive 2, Dead or Alive 2: Hardcore, Dead or Alive 3, Dead or Alive 4, Dead or Alive 5, Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate, Dead or Alive: Dimensions, Dead or Alive 6

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Page Updated:  Apr. 28th, 2024

Does Tina show a lot of skin or what? Thanks Team Ninja... Thanks Koei Tecmo... you've made this page look like a porn site. Lmao. To explain this joke... I didn't TRY collecting scandalous Tina pictures. These are literally what the game developers release in terms of visual content for this chick. lol. In that way, Tina says a lot about the DOA series as a whole.

Anyway, female wrestlers in fighting games usually end up being cool and entertaining designs, for obvious reasons... and Tina pulls off the archetype rather well. Of course she's a "token hot blonde," and many male gamers will automatically love her for that reason -  but at least Tina has some substance as a fighting game character. Her movesets not bad. She's got a respectable array of cool wrestling moves & throws, even if some of them are obviously perverted. It's kinda comical anyway. lol. In fairness, some of Tina's outfits are decent, but several are overly-boringly sluttish. In general, her look isn't particularly interesting or artistically inspiring. Anyhow, Tina was always one of my favorite characters to use in the DOA series due to her moveset and cool throws. Fair enough.

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