Tracy is a New York City policewoman, notorious for allowing criminals to attack her so that she can fight back in self-defense. She had received an invitation to the second Toshinden tournament and after participating in the event, the Secret Society was destroyed in its conclusion. She was then sent to Japan and given a new partner named Nagisa Iwashiro, to help bring down the Organization. Although his approach to his work is in total opposition to her own, they agree to enter the third tournament together. Rachael is her twin sister, who she was separated at birth from.


Battle Arena Toshinden 2

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Battle Arena Toshinden 3

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Page Updated:  Sep. 17th, 2020

Not another blue & green color scheme....  -.- (As you might've read on another TFG profile, I was never a fan of Leona's color scheme. It just hurts my eyes. lol). Ahh well, I can get over it. Tracy's tonfa-based fighting style isn't terrible, but I've seen better tonfa-users in other fighting games in terms of moveset design and animation. However, Tracy is a halfway decent and likeable design in the Toshinden series.

The "cute police officer girl" archetype is comical and makes her stand out in some ways. Her oversized police badge is a bit much... but again, comical. She's a cool a cool + comic relief vibe going on, and some aspects of her visual design are nice. As a standalone design, she's under-developed and missing some things... but if ever another Toshinden game is made, I'd actually like to see Tracy return.

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