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Hein serves as a loyal butler to Geese Howard. He was invited to the King of Fighters XIV tournament by Billy Kane. Although modest, mild-mannered, and never seeming to break his polite tone, he does have a sadistic side. He fights in an elegant fighting style known as "Gambits" with moves named after chess terminology.


The King of Fighters XIV




Page Updated:  Apr. 16th, 2020

Aaah, one of Geese Howard's lackeys is ready to do some fighting? Hmm... I guess it's a cool idea, since Geese was always surrounded by "guys in suits" like Hein in past artwork. However, Hein strikes me as boooooooring.

Just look at him. I've seen more interesting background characters in fighting games. Maybe it's the hair? Confirmed: The hair doesn't help. Maybe its the generic tuxedo? Just in: He's in a generic tuxedo. It would be a decent alternate costume for another character.

In closing, Hein's moveset isn't exceptionally exciting either... something definitely seems "missing" with his fighting style. Interestingly, I've made similar comments on much older KOF character designs in the past. In that way, I guess Hein has that "nostalgic" KOF character feel. Is that what they were going for? Either way... I wouldn't buy an action figure of Hein. lol. meh. 

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