The main antagonist and final boss of Kaiser Knuckle / Global Champion. General is the sponsor of "The Kaiser Knuckle" tournament, but his reasons for hosting the competition are shrouded in mystery. He is also the commander of a mysterious space station in orbit and enjoys tea. He had a hand in transforming Marco into a monster. While all other characters in Kaiser Knuckle hail from specific (real world) countries, General is from "Universe". General is infamously one of the most difficult fighting game bosses to defeat due to the incredibly cheap AI of CPU-controlled opponents in Kaiser Knuckle. General's voice actor is Steve Yamashita.

General can control a supernatural form of "green energy" which he can use to shoot projectiles in 8 directions at once. General also possesses the ability to teleport and has super strength.


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Page Updated:  June 13th, 2021

M. Bison must know he has a twin brother who stole the remnants of his Psycho Power stock from before the SF2 storyline concluded. (Yes I made that up. Play fighting games for 30 years and you'll start doing the same thing.) The General can back it up, too. He might be all-time cheapest fighting game boss in history, and it's really not a accomplishment. There's not even any confirmation he's a General of any particular country. Someone fact check this dude. lol.

General has some swag and his over-confidence in gameplay shines through in his funky moveset. General is shamelessly OP and makes Wulong the actual hero of Kaiser Knuckle, since his special anti-air move exploit confuses The General which lead to his embarrassing demise. Brocken later took over General's space station. (I believe that's canon.) Finally, General's cameo in Hi Score Girl was hilarious and exposed Kaiser Knuckle to a wider audience.

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