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Johann Petrovich
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His real name is Johann Petrovich. Head of an international NGO responsible for many successful investment projects, and the man behind Nayshall's present prosperity. JP hails from Russia and his fighting style is called Bartitsu. He stands 6'3" and weighs 214 lbs. He dislikes stains on his clothes and even dislikes sleep. He has a beloved cat named Cybele.


Street Fighter 6






Page Updated:  May 25th, 2023

So rumor has it... JP has entrapped M. Bison's psycho power in his cane... or something? The purple effects look like they could have M. Bison's hands in them when you look close. Could be. That would be interesting indeed. At first glance, I'm not fond of his bright-ass Fruity Pebbles orange suit, but his overall appearance is compelling and interesting so far. He looks like he might be a somewhat annoying zoning character, but I'm interested to see more.

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