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Luke is an American mixed martial artist who specialized in Kickboxing. He has the ability to throw rapid fiery projectiles with his punches. More information coming soon!


Street Fighter V: Champion Edition





Page Updated:  Sept. 18th, 2021

As the "final" character of Street Fighter V Season 5, Luke has big shoes to fill. He's not a returning fan-favorite Street Fighter series character, so naturally, fans were quick to judge Luke negatively. I'm not blaming them either... as Luke's visual design is a bit "loud" and lacks... something. He also seems like he might be a jerk. lol. In any case, all hope is not lost. One thing I like about his design? He's actually a FIGHTER. Let's get back to Street Fighting, shall we!

As Capcom said, Luke marks a new direction in the Street Fighter series, has a future in upcoming installments, and will expand the SF universe. Interesting. A MMA type fighter seems like a good direction for the series. Maybe the next Street Fighter game will be 3D like TEKKEN? Probably not, but I could see a MMA character like Luke appearing in a 3D game like TEKKEN, naturally. Last but not least, is Luke actually a young Captain Commando? It's an interesting fan theory that I actually think is possible. :) Stay tuned.

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