A selection of unique video projects & compilations from TFG's YouTube. All videos were created by yours truly, TFG's Webmaster, Frank Yagami. Besides running FightersGeneration.com for nearly 2 decades, believe it or not... I actually play fighting games. :) I've been creating gameplay videos since I was a kid in the 90's (originally using a VCR to capture SNES footage). As you can probably tell, creating "video art" is something I still enjoy. Underneath each video is a basic description of each project, followed by some bonus "website exclusive" behind-the-scenes details. If you like what you see here and you'd like to support future TFG video projects, donations are welcome via Twitch/Streamlabs.


Tekken - Steve Fox: Epic Dodges & Sidesteps



"A highlight video showing off Steve's various dodges in Tekken 6... all of which can be used very effectively as you can see. Steve Fox is played solely by FYagami in this video. (Soundtrack: This is My Rifle - Combichrist)"

 Since the days of Tekken 5 (2005)... I became known for using Steve Fox as my main at local arcades & tournaments (winning a few, btw). Several years later, my Tekken boxing career continued online with Tekken 5: DR (as I obtained TOP 10 in the online rankings) I also hit TOP 20 in Tekken 6 online (PS3). Since then, I've had countess "GGs" online and met a lot of cool Tekken players over the years (and some very sore losers, too). lol. Thus, I knew I had to make a Steve Fox highlight video.

I'm humbled by how popular my Steve Fox: Epic Dodges & Sidesteps compilation became. I never imagined my gameplay compilation would reach
900,000+ views, 10,000+ likes and become the "most popular Steve Fox video on Youtube" for quite a few years. My main goal with this video was to show how great Tekken is, as a GAME... demonstrating how dynamic a single character can be, and in turn, inspiring more people to play Tekken. If you scroll through the comments on this video (and in my second Steve Fox compilation, you'll see that I accomplished my goal tenfold). Truly rewarding.


SFV - Birdie's "How To Be a Pimp" Show COMBO VIDEO



"This is for all you old school TFG fans. After 13 years... the Birdie Show has returned!!! Be sure to drop a comment if you remember the first 2 episodes. ;) I had about 19 minutes in Training with Birdie in the SFV beta, and just compiled the footage I had to make this video. So don't take it too seriously (or else Birdie will flick a booger on your face)... he does that sometimes."

Back in 2002, internet videos were made out of gifs... (at least the ones on this site). A TFG classic, Birdie's "How To Be a Pimp" Show debuted in 2002 with 2 episodes, but was never picked up by a major network and failed. However... miraculously, 13 years later, Birdie returns with "Episode 3" in 2015.


SFV Beta #3 - Birdie Combo Act (60fps/1080p) 



"My second SFV Birdie combo video! All combos performed Day 1 of the 3rd SFV Beta. Hope you enjoy and maybe learn something new about SFV Birdie... he's definitely changed a bit since I last played him in the 1st Beta. Thanks for watching!"

I didn't plan on doing a second Birdie combo video, but the bloke is fun to use... plus his new anti-air V-Trigger activation was quite fun to mess around with. Fun video to make, and damn I love that soundtrack.


SFV - Ryu "Infinite EX Effect" Glitch



"Here's a quick 1-minute video showing off a pretty cool glitch I discovered while in the lab... Ryu's infinite EX effect!!! (or is that Cinder?! Heh heh.)"

Eventhubs Feature!  Link

I used to love watching fighting game glitch videos... especially for games like MVC2 (which had a ton of fun glitches). Finally, I have my very own glitch with my signature on it. To my knowledge, no other video exists featuring Ryu's Infinite EX Glitch. Yeah, I'm proud of it. 


SFV - R. Mika 3:16 Don't Giva $#%! About Hadoukens... (Neither Does Armor King) 



"WHAT?!!? Another WWE-themed video from FightersGen?!? Yes. Sorry, but dis sumbitch hit the stunner through.... well, you'll see. ;) No Hadoukens were hurt in the making of this video. R. Mika Gameplay by F. Yagami. "

Shoryuken.com Feature!  Link

This video came to be due to my itchy V-Counter during the 2nd SFV beta... that stunner is just too beautiful, and I wanted to use it as much as possible. ;) So what happened was, I V-Countered Ryu's attack just before he threw the Shinku Hadouken Critical Art. I wasn't expecting what happened next, but I got pretty hype when Ryu's super flew right by R. Mika and she went ahead and landed the stunner. I also did some good Hadouken dodges that match, so it worked out perfectly in making this video.


TEKKEN 7 - Yoshimitsu's Bizarre Adventure Vol. 1



"My latest TEKKEN compilation video is here! Yoshimitsu's Bizarre Adventure Vol. 1 shows all the best moments of my Ranked Match travels up to Vindicator Rank Yoshi. Enjoy some epic finishes and crazy slow-mo moments along the way. My Yoshi still has a ways to go & many more tricks to learn... and will continue his cyber-squid-ninja training up to higher ranks (later in Vol. 2)!"

I've always been a fan of Yoshimitsu as a character... since the first TEKKEN really. I learned him a little bit in Soul Calibur 2 & Soul Calibur 3, but he never became "main" material for me. I relearned him again in Tekken 5, but still... I was much better with other characters. For some reason, his Tekken 7 incarnation really spoke to me. It might've been his cool new animations and combo style in T7 that made me want to learn him. At a time when some other characters have become more simplified (even in Tekken 7), Yoshimitsu's complexity really jived with me. He's probably the most complex character in Tekken 7... so many crazy options. Hence, this compilation was born. ;)


TTT2 Multi-Character Combo Movie: "HIT HARD."



"TFG presents an exclusive Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo movie, performed and edited by your faithful webmaster. Just under 6 minutes long, this combo video features a variety of characters, teams, and also some cool customizations (and cameos). With an emphasis on "style" and "Ouch Factor" instead of max damage, this is a combo video players of all levels can enjoy. Be sure to watch in HD!"

Enjoy my latest TTT2 combo video... "Hit Hard". Lots of fun combos in this one. Note that I wasn't going for max damage in all of these. Just like my last TTT2 combo vid, style comes first, but even more important this time around: "Ouch Factor". ;) Like, comment, subscribe... and keep the community alive. Thanks!


TTT2 Multi-Character Combo Movie: "Style FTW."



"TFG presents an exclusive TTT2 combo movie! Just under 10-minutes long, this video features beginner, advanced, and also some difficult/unpractical combos. In this compilation, I used 16 different characters and a variety of teams. Performed and edited by Mr. Yagami of FightersGeneration.com."

My first Tekken Tag Tournament 2 combo video was really fun to make... and no doubt a great learning experience. The soundtrack to the video includes 2 songs by one of my favorite artists, Aesthetic Perfection.


TEKKEN: TTT2 Revival - Epic Cosplays, Replays & Combos



"The wait for TEKKEN 7 is real. ߘ? It's been a long time since I've uploaded a TTT2 video... but that doesn't mean I haven't been playing it. Tekken remains a weekly, sometimes daily thing for me. Yeah, I've taken a few (healthy) breaks, but TTT2 has been my main game for 4 years. This will change in 2017 when TEKKEN 7 arrives on consoles. It'll be the end of an era... and for me, a new beginning for creating videos and streaming. :) Can't wait. I put upwards of 50-60 hours into this video right here... so please enjoy. I do it for the Tekken / fighting game community."

 You know I have fun making my TEKKEN compilation videos. This one takes several months of footage from 2016, including some of the best replays, cool moments, and cosplays of the year. The video also features a cool "waiting for TEKKEN 7" opening and lots of SNK / KOF love.


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