Tuesday, March 23rd, 2021

Karate Sensei Recreates Lidia's Moves in TEKKEN 7


One of TEKKEN's defining attributes since its inception has been its close relationship with authentic martial arts. Not every fighting game nor fighting game player appreciates this connection and attention to detail... but real-life martial artists have been drawn to TEKKEN for years due to this level of authenticity. The TEKKEN development team have clearly done their research on a variety of martial arts styles and incorporated actual movements from these styles into the game. A Karate Sensei and YouTuber named Yusuke Nagano recently posted a video recreating some of Lidia Sobieska's awesomely-animated techniques in TEKKEN 7. As Nagano explains in his video (below), many of Lidia's moves are found in the style of Karate katas that he (and many others) have been practicing for years... How cool is that? Welcome to TEKKEN.

      Also check out Lidia Sobieska's reveal trailer and HD screenshots.


 Source:  Karate Dojo waKu (YouTube)   

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