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New Project X Zone 2 Character Artwork + Screens

If you're not familiar with Project X Zone, it's a crossover tactical RPG for Nintendo 3DS featuring characters from Capcom, Namco & Sega and a spiritual successor to Namco X Capcom. The sequel, Project X Zone 2: Brave New World, is planned for a November 2015 release in Japan (Q1 2016 for NA/EU). Famitsu reported several brand new characters from the fighting game universe are joining the game's roster, including: Captain Commando, Heihachi Mishima, June Lin Milliam, and B.B. Hood. Without further ado, check out the official Project X Zone 2 artwork for the newly-revealed characters, below! [UPDATE] Added higher-res versions of several illustrations.

captain-commando-project-x-zone2-artwork.png (258564 bytes)        heihachi-mishima-project-x-zone2-artwork.png (226432 bytes)        june-star-gladiator-project-x-zone2-artwork.png (265957 bytes)        bbhood-project-x-zone2-artwork.png (225302 bytes)
(click image to open full-quality version in a new window)

And below are (most of) the other playable fighting game characters confirmed Project X Zone 2, so far. FUN FACT: Some of this character art is indeed "borrowed" from the original Project X Zone but several artworks actually have subtle differences - such as updated faces, shading, lighting and effects!

ken-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (163191 bytes)       jill-valentine-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (154968 bytes)       chris-redfield-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (164459 bytes)       kazuya-mishima-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (167427 bytes)       phoenix-wright-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (108572 bytes)

morrigan-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (146081 bytes)       zero-megaman-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (208790 bytes)       demitri-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (136524 bytes)       dante-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (165868 bytes)       felicia-darkstalkers-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (215255 bytes)

kage-maru-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (139352 bytes)       ling-xiaoyu-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (168732 bytes)       chunli-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (159379 bytes)       akira-yuki-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (140370 bytes)       natsu-soulcalibur5-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (163801 bytes)

ryu-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (166887 bytes)
        megamanx-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (148279 bytes)        strider-hiryu-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (158002 bytes)        vergil-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (180805 bytes)

bhayato-projectxzone2-art.jpg (103968 bytes)        mbison-project-x-zone2-art.jpg (134871 bytes)        jin-kazama-project-x-zone2-artwork.jpg (155709 bytes)        pyron-project-x-zone2-art.jpg (212056 bytes)

Finally, check out brand new screenshots of Project X Zone 2: Brave New World showing Captain Commando, Heihachi, B.B.Hood and June in action.





Besides characters from fighting games like Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Star Gladiator and Darkstalkers... other series represented by characters in PXZ2: Brave New World, include: Tales of Vesperia, Yakuza, Shinobi, Sakura Wars, God Eater 2, .hack, Resonance of Fate, Megaman, Resident Evil, Ace Attorney, Summon Night, Soul, Streets of Rage, Space Channel 5, Valkyrie No Boken, Nightshade, and Namco X Capcom.

 Source:  TEKKEN-NET (Tekken Official)

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