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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Allegiance Chart


Welcome to the unofficial TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 Allegiance Chart. In TEKKEN Tag 2, character relationships don't only affect victory pose animations, but also the "Netsu" (more commonly known as Rage) mechanic. How it works in TTT2, is when your character takes a certain amount of damage, your teammate's Netsu will activate, allowing them to output higher damage for a short period of time. However, in some cases, Netsu will be affected by the character relationships in the actual TEKKEN storyline... more specifically, whether or not the characters currently "like" each other. If a character is paired up with someone who likes them, their Netsu will be activated earlier than with someone who dislikes them.

  Below is the list of ALL known character relationships in TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2.

*Note that this information is taken from the arcade version of the game.

■    Jin Kazama
Likes (+1): Nina
Dislikes (-1): Xiaoyu, Christie, Lee, Jack-6, Anna, Bruce, Raven, Jun
Hates (-2): Lei, Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Zafina, Lars, Alisa, Jinpachi, Ogre

    Heihachi Mishima
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Kuma, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Yoshimitsu, Steve, Jun
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Lee, Jack-6, Wang, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Ogre

    Kazuya Mishima
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Raven, Eddy
Hates (-2): Lei, Nina, Jin, Heihachi, Lee, Wang, Devil Jin, Zafina, Leo, Lars, Ogre, Jun

    Jun Kazama
Likes (+1): Jin, Kuma, Roger Jr, Asuka, Panda
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Devil Jin, Ogre

    Asuka Kazama
Likes (+1): Lei, Bob, Miguel, Leo
Dislikes (-1): Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Feng, Lili

Likes (+1): King, Marduk, Armor King
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Ganryu

    Ling Xiaoyu
Likes (+1): Jin, Heihachi, Lee, Wang, Alisa, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Anna, Asuka, Lili, Ogre
Hates (-2):

    Paul Phoenix
Likes (+1): Law, Bryan, Kazuya, Steve
Dislikes (-1): Kuma
Hates (-2): Ogre

    Marshall Law
Likes (+1): Paul, Yoshimitsu, Steve
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Baek, Lili

    Lei Wulong
Likes (+1): Steve, Mokujin, Wang, Asuka
Dislikes (-1): Nina, Bruce, Feng, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Marduk, Armor King
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Ogre

    Armor King
Likes (+1): King, Jaycee
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Marduk

    Nina Williams
Likes (+1): Jin, Eddy
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Christie, Steve, Lars
Hates (-2): Anna, Ogre

    Anna Williams
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Bruce
Dislikes (-1): Jin, Eddy, Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina

Likes (+1): Jin, Baek
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Devil Jin

    Bryan Fury
Likes (+1): Dragunov
Dislikes (-1): Jack-6, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Lei, Yoshimitsu, Heihachi

    Lee Chaolan
Likes (+1): Wang, Lili, Lars, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Kazuya

    Steve Fox
Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Lei, Nina
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi

    Craig Marduk
Likes (+1): King, Jaycee
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Roger Jr, Armor King

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Kuma, Roger Jr, Panda
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Alisa, Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun

Likes (+1): Kazuya, Anna, Bruce
Dislikes (-1): Nina, Eddy, Lars, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Raven

    Wang Jinrei
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Feng, Jinpachi, Jun
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Devil Jin

Likes (+1): Jaycee, Devil Jin
Dislikes (-1): Lili, Bob, Ogre
Hates (-2):

    Bruce Irvin
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Anna
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Nina, Jin, Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2):

    Baek Doo San
Likes (+1): Hwoarang
Dislikes (-1): Jin
Hates (-2): Ogre

Likes (+1): Zafina
Dislikes (-1): Jin, Kazuya, Alisa, Ogre
Hates (-2): Yoshimitsu, Heihachi, Dragunov

    Feng Wei
Likes (+1): Law, Wang, Jinpachi
Dislikes (-1): Lei, Ogre
Hates (-2): Heihachi

    Sergei Dragunov
Likes (+1): Jack-6, Devil Jin
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Raven, Eddy, Lars

    Lili Rochefort
Likes (+1): Kuma, Ganryu, Asuka, Leo
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya, Eddy, Lars, Alisa, Jinpachi, Jun

    Christie Monteiro
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Eddy

    Eddy Gordo
Likes (+1): Nina, Christie, Jin
Dislikes (-1): Lars, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

Likes (+1): Paul, Law, Jin, Ganryu, Miguel
Dislikes (-1): Steve, Ogre
Hates (-2):

Likes (+1): Wang, Raven
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Jin, Kazuya, Devil Jin, Jinpachi, Ogre, Jun

Likes (+1): Kuma, Roger Jr, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Nina, Jin, Eddy, Bob, Lars,

    Leo Kliesen
Likes (+1): Xiaoyu, Jaycee, Wang, Asuka, Feng, Lili
Dislikes (-1): Jack-6, Anna, Bruce, Ogre
Hates (-2): Kazuya

    Lars Alexandersson
Likes (+1): Lee, Wang, Raven, Zafina, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2): Jin, Heihachi, Kazuya

    Alisa Boskonovitch
Likes (+1): Yoshimitsu, Jin, Lee, Jack-6, Raven, Zafina, Lars
Dislikes (-1): Xiaoyu, Ogre
Hates (-2): Bryan

Likes (+1): Roger Jr, Alisa
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Bryan, Ogre

    Roger Jr.
Likes (+1): King, Yoshimitsu, Kuma, Steve, Mokujin, Armor King, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Ogre
Hates (-2):

Likes (+1): King, Heihachi, Mokujin, Roger Jr, Armor King, Panda
Dislikes (-1): Paul, Ogre
Hates (-2): Xiaoyu, Jin

Likes (+1): King, Xiaoyu, Jaycee, Lee, Mokujin, Roger Jr, Wang, Armor King, Alisa
Dislikes (-1): Ogre

Hates (-2): Kuma

    Devil Jin
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Hwoarang, Xiaoyu, Heihachi, Kazuya, Asuka, Dragunov, Zafina, Ogre, Jun

    Jinpachi Mishima
Likes (+1): Kazuya, Wang
Dislikes (-1):
Hates (-2): Heihachi, Devil Jin, Ogre

    True Ogre
Likes (+1):
Dislikes (-1): Paul, Yoshimitsu
Hates (-2): Jin, Zafina, Jun

(Thanks to Mokujin Man via Tekken Ziabatsu for translation.)






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