UPDATED:  February 7th, 2021 

Final Fight Retrospective / Official Manual Art


To continue on in Part II of out exclusive retrospective (and glorious nostalgia trip for old school SNES / Arcade kids), let's take a look at some more official Final Fight artwork - beginning with scans from the official Japanese SNES manual of the game. These images feature official artwork of Cody, Haggar, and Guy's special moves, along with all of the power-ups and food items in the game! (Hope you're hungry for more.) Grab a coke or a whole damn turkey and continue reading on for more Final Fight fun facts and nostalgic artwork!



■   Story introduction / How to Play from a North American arcade promo flyer.


■   Scans from the Japanese SNES manual for Final Fight 1.

cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-knee.png (176344 bytes)
              cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-throw.png (251249 bytes)              cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-uppercut.png (188438 bytes)             
cody-dyat.png (220519 bytes)
cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-gut-punch.png (259929 bytes)              cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-spin-kick.png (257072 bytes)             
guy-spinkick.png (139001 bytes)              cody-finalfight-vintage-artwork-knifed.png (275041 bytes)
guy-finalfight-early-walking-animation-study.jpg (30460 bytes)              guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-throw.png (246682 bytes)              guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-jump-kick.png (278383 bytes)              guy-finalfight-vintage-artwork-flying-kick.png (136634 bytes)
haggar-piledrived.png (155492 bytes)              haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-suplex.png (297450 bytes)              haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-spinning-lariat.png (195336 bytes)              haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-dropkick.png (135745 bytes)

  Final Fight & Final Fight 2 character attacks & Special Move concept art... closely mirroring the final animated versions that appear in the game. A very similar style of concept art for special moves was also created during the development of the Street Fighter II series. Directly below are some concepts of Maki from Final Fight 2 along with some of Haggar's special moves from his playable guest appearance in 1993's Saturday Night Slam Masters.



maki-ff2concept.png (95830 bytes)               maki-finalfight2-vintage-artwork-knee.png (69460 bytes)               maki-finalfight2-vintage-artwork-wall-kick.png (168362 bytes)               haggar-finalfight-vintage-artwork-leadpipe.png (302969 bytes)

  Final Fight CD official Japanese manual character artwork / profiles.



  Final Fight Mega CD cover artwork.



  Final Fight One promotional art by Shinkiro! I never knew I needed a Shinkiro Final Fight illustration until this one existed... and now I (we) want a remake, with Shinkiro artwork, too.


■  A page from Akiman's Final Fight design document. "At 85 pages, it's a whopper!"


■  Final concept sketches for Haggar's walk animations and iconic attacks!


  Final Fight 2 guidebook illustration and SNES version promo art.


  Final Fight 3 official promotional art / SNES advertisement.


  Rare official art of Final Fight bad guys eating ramen... Mmmm ramen! ^_^


  Capcom USA original Final Fight arcade marquee. This is what many of us saw when we were children / teens in late 80's arcades. We had a great childhood.


  The continue screen. "This high-pressure situation was really impactful at the time." (Speaking from experience, this screen definitely motivated me to insert some of my final tokens.)


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