Hayate is a Japanese swordsman from Kukunochi village who is the son of a legendary hero who saved his village by vanquishing a giant storm named Orochi. He is one of the only characters in the Street Fighter series to use a sword, utilizing a unique fighting style. In the Street Fighter EX 2 PLUS Hong Kong comic, Hayate is based on Garuda before he wore the cursed mask (but this is not considered / confirmed canon). A new version of Hayate appears in Fighting EX Layer (2018).

Hayate appears in the original Street Fighter EX2, but does not appear in the arcade version of Street Fighter EX2 Plus. However, he does appear in the PlayStation version as a secret secret character.
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Street Fighter EX2

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Page Updated:  Oct. 17th, 2016

Hayate is probably one of the most mysterious and "least known" Street Fighter characters of all time... appearing as a secret character in only one game. I think that's some sort of record.

He actually has some pretty damn cool moves in SFEX2, and overall was a very impressive secret character in the game. I doubt we'll ever see this guy make a comeback, but he's really not a bad design at all. Of course he doesn't really fit into Street Fighter since he uses a katana, but nonetheless, Hayate is a fun to use character.

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