Hokutomaru is a ninja who trained under Andy Bogard. He is extremely fast and crafty (with many moves that are among the fastest in the game), making him a nearly unpredictable opponent to deal with. His stage is a traffic accident that he caused, as he was unfamiliar with urban ways due to his age and training.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves

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Card Fighters Clash 2


Page Updated:  Sept. 12th, 2014

Visually, Hokutomaru seems a lot more "random" than other designs from Garou: Mark of The Wolves. It's almost as if Hokutomaru was created to be an obnoxious and annoying character... (making him easily my least favorite design of the Garou series). Sorry, I usually don't like this type of character. Furthermore, Hokutomaru is one of those characters where you can't tell their sex at first glance, but indeed, Hokutmaru is male (which somehow makes him more annoying, to me). lol.

He has one of the most irritating voices I've ever heard, and also manages to be equally annoying to fight against, especially against a skilled player. (Seriously, how many times must I type the word "annoying" in this overview). In closing, his "goofball" personality doesn't really suit a ninja (besides ninjas portrayed by Chris Farley), but I personally don't think Hokutomaru's "humor" is very funny. Just annoying (yup, I said it again). Sorry, not entertained by your shit.... All I have to say is: AHHHH YOU OKAAAYYYBUSTAAHWOLFF!!!!!! Bye bye Hokutomaru. 

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