Andy Bogard

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Andy and his older brother Terry grew up as orphans and raised themselves on the streets. They were later adopted by Jeff Bogard and lived in Southtown for several years. Jeff Bogard taught the brothers many things about fighting, as he was a strong fighter himself. When Terry was 10 years old, he witnessed his father's death at the hands of Geese Howard. After Terry told Andy what had happened, they vowed to avenge their father and dedicated themselves to mastering their martial arts training. Master Tung Fu Rue told the brothers that the strongest of them would be taught the secrets of Hakyokusaken. Andy decided to move to Japan for his training, while Terry chose to stay in the USA to hone his skills on the streets. In Japan, Andy learned Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu and an empty-handed fighting style called Koppouken from Hanzo Shiranui. This is also where he met his girlfriend, Mai Shiranui.

10 years after his father's death, Andy reunited with his brother in South Town. After paying respects to their father's grave, they ran into Muay Thai kickboxer Joe Higashi and learned that Geese was sponsoring and hosting the King of Fighters tournament. The three of them entered the tournament to avenge Jeff Bogard's death. Terry made it to the finals and defeated Geese, and Andy felt a sense of closure. Andy then returned to Japan to continue his training.

A year after the first tournament, a new tournament was held, this time under the control of Wolfgang Krauser. After Terry defeated Krauser and became a hero of Southtown, Andy couldn't help but feel inferior, but he didn't let it get to him. Andy didn't accomplish much during this time period, and during the events of Fatal Fury 3, he suffered a chest wound that hindered him in the Real Bout series.

After Geese's death and the fall of the First Southtown, the birth of Second Southtown was at hand. During this time, Andy was training Hokutomaru in Shiranui-ryuu Ninjutsu and Koppouken. Instead of fighting in the tournament, he sent his apprentice Hokutomaru in his place. After the tournament, Andy wrote Hokutomaru a letter which stated that he was proud of Hokutomaru's progress. He ended the letter by saying that he is no longer his teacher but his rival, and that they will soon cross paths again.

During the King of Fighters timeline, Andy joined with Terry and Joe to form the Fatal Fury Team. He was a member on the team for many years, but was reluctant to join a few of them and was pressured by Mai and Joe to enter. In KOF 2003, Andy left the Fatal Fury team to take care of his disciple, Hokutomaru, who fell sick. He was absent from KOF XI to presumably continue training his student and himself. He finally rejoined the Fatal Fury Team in KOF XIII.
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Fatal Fury

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Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury 3, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Real Bout Special: Dominated Mind, Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition, Fatal Fury: First Contact, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS, King of Fighters '94, King of Fighters '95, King of Fighters '96, King of Fighters '97, King of Fighters '98, King of Fighters '98: Ultimate Match, King of Fighters '99, King of Fighters 2000, King of Fighters 2001, King of Fighters 2002, King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match, King of Fighters XII, King of Fighters XIII, King of Fighters XIV, King of Fighters Neowave

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Page Updated:  May 18th, 2019

A girly-man isn't he? In my experience, Andy was always a sleeper SNK character. As one of the main Fatal Fury protagonists, he seems like more of a support character at best; and he really never could live up to his brother's coolness & personality. Also, in my opinion, Andy's outfit designs were always a bit awkward/bland-looking... and I think that might be why SNK has tried so many different renditions of his outfit over the years. Even in KOF XII, arguably his best appearance, his "original" attire just looks odd... Andy should've thrown away that generic flame shirt and those silly red boots a long time ago. (However, some of the KOF XIII "sprite edits" do make him look a lot cooler). Personally, I think his KOF 2001 rendition is his best look.

Finally, Andy's fighting style strikes me as a bit uninspired and sort of unconvincing in terms of physics and ouch-factor... but to his credit, he can be a fun character to use in the series. Ahh well, if I "liked" all KOF characters, people would call me a KOF fanboy. So there. 

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