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Frank West
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Sensing the scoop of a lifetime, freelance photojournalist Frank West grabs his trusty camera and heads to Willamette, Colorado by himself to investigate a mysterious disturbance. Franks shows a fortitude and resourcefulness during crisis situations not found in the average person. He is the protagonist of the original Dead Rising.
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Tatsunoko VS Capcom: Ultimate All Stars

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Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, MVC Infinite

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Page Updated:  Apr. 20th, 2018

Yeah yeah, he's covered wars... I know. The first Dead Rising an incredibly successful game, so it's understandable why Capcom put Frank in TVC & MVC3. I just don't see how he fits in with the rest of the roster besides being comic relief (but I personally don't find him that funny). His fighting style is reminiscent of Jill's in the way that he uses zombies, but notably more goofy. Overall, I think classic Jill's more serious "zombie-based" fighting style was done far better, and I think she would've been better for the rosters of TVC and MVC3 / MVC: Infinite.

Visually, he's not much to look at... he's just the average joe. He even resembles Nico Belic from GTA4 in gameplay. *yawn* In all honesty, Frank West bores me as a fighting game character. Other Capcom favorites like Strider, Captain Commando, or Jin Saotome all would've been better choices for a crossover game. This guy's voice is also very annoying. In TVC, he says "Ohh my gosh" about 10 times a match.... dumb. They changed up his fighting style for the better in UMVC3, but he's still a goof and really doesn't offer much to the fighting game world.

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