Yumeji Kurokochi



She is the daughter of Kurokouchi Sakon, the mentor of Ukyo.  Her skills with the sword art is far greater than Ukyo's. But for some unknown reason, she was kicked out from her fathers house. She was picked up by Gaoh and gave her a new reason to live. Now she serves under Gaoh and will do anything for him. She killed Rasetsumaru.
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Samurai Shodown 5


Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Samurai Shodown 6


Page Updated:  Nov. 24th, 2014

Out of ideas, SNK? :( Time to do what so many other companies have done: Clone a loved and respected design from the franchise. :( Sometimes that can result in a pretty cool character, but Yumeji is a bit under-inspired. 

Yumeji is a blatant sprite clone of Ukyo (and mind you, she was cloned after a sprite that was nearly 8 years old). -__- After reading her storyline, it makes sense why she's a clone design, but still... some clone designs are just hard to accept. Even so, she can actually pass as a somewhat "cool" character and isn't quite as bad as some other clones from the series (like that's saying much?). Her overall appearance, persona and fighting style do seem to work... and her ultra long ponytail is cool, too. Even so, Yumeji doesn't really have many unique animations of her own... and it appears she's got Shang Tsung's ability to morph into other characters during her special moves (yet another 'cheap' part of her design). Booooooo. Nice try "female Ukyo" ...could've been better. 

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