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Eliza is a powerful, immortal female vampire. It seems she was born 1000 years ago, but she isn't certain. Once, when entering her coffin for just a short nap, she ended up sleeping hundreds of years. Having just awakened, she can't control her sleepiness, sometimes falling asleep without warning. In gameplay, Eliza has a "King of Fighters style" projectile attack and can actually fall asleep during gameplay for a short period of time.

Eliza's original story / back story is as follows: Eliza is a young female vampire that has been imprisoned in a wing of the Rochefort Estate, where Lili was raised. She has a dark personality, but her gothic attire and uncanny beauty are mesmerizing. During development of Tekken 6, she was proposed as a character that used an actual martial art, but also with fireballs, like a 2D fighting game character. However, aside from producer Harada, a strange phenomena occurred in which many members got married or gave birth to children around the same time. As a result, not many staff were left at work to complete the character, and she was discarded. The concept was salvaged again during Tekken 6 BR, but the same strange phenomena occurred again and Harada locked the concept away in a safe, wanting to keep it secured within the development team since it (she) seems to bring good fortune.

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Tekken Revolution

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Tekken 7

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Page Updated:  Apr. 22nd, 2019

A vampire with narcolepsy? I'm already entertained. I was one of the people who voted for Eliza when Namco held the TR character vote. I have a thing for goth girls, so naturally I took a liking to the design. While she didn't get a chance to really "shine" in TEKKEN Revolution, her debut in the main series (TEKKEN 7) will thankfully flesh out her storyline and character.

Some "Tekken purists" out there might say Eliza doesn't fit into Tekken, and they're not entirely wrong. However, considering the likes of Devil & Devil Jin, a vampire chick certainly could fit in it. (Not to mention 'freaks' like Alisa & Yoshimitsu). And c'mon, Kazuya is practically a vampire himself. I'm glad Harada-san and co. are trying new types of characters at least. It's cool to see them thinking outside of the box. Eliza's in-game persona & animations are well done and quite entertaining...  and I never thought I'd say this about a TEKKEN character, but I actually love her projectiles (because they're so SNK). That said, Eliza's TR moveset / playstyle was a bit "spammy"... but that looks like it will change for the better in TEKKEN 7. She's got some interesting 2D style moves in TEKKEN 7 besides projectiles, including Divekicks, EX Specials, and even a super meter! 

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