One of G Corporation's weapons divisions entered their latest biological weapon, Gigas, into the King of Iron Fist Tournament for two reasons: first, to pit the strength of their next-gen humanoid weapon against a similar weapon of G Corp's; and second, to provoke Heihachi Mishima. Ironically, the first battle was staged on the rooftop of G Corp's own Millennium Tower, possibly in retaliation for their affront to Heihachi. Unmoved by the striking beauty of the skyscraper, Gigas awaited his victim. However, Gigas appears to retain a little of his humanity whenever he sees Katarina without her sunglasses. Turns out, he is actually Katarina's missing step-father.

His nationality is listed as "DATA DELETED" and his fighting style is known as "DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSE".
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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

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Page Updated:  July 2nd, 2017

Visually, Gigas takes inspiration from "Hard Suit" from Gantz and Bane. After seeing some of his moveset, it's probably safe to assume he'll be taking the place of Marduk in TEKKEN 7.

In a way, Gigas looks like he could be a character from another fighting game besides Tekken... Mortal Kombat even? I'm not entirely sold on the character yet, but if they give him a good story (hoping for Dragunov / Devil Jin tie-in) and some good customizations, I'd say he has potential. As far as fighting style goes, he's a bit "sloppy" for a Tekken character... but I kinda like what I see so far. Mainly because Gigas has some Juggernaut-like moves (mostly coincidence I think). I mained Juggy in all the Capcom VS games, so if I can customize him to look more like Juggs and smash some shit up, I'll have fun using this guy. :D

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