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One of G Corporation's weapons divisions entered their latest biological weapon, Gigas, into the King of Iron Fist Tournament for two reasons: first, to pit the strength of their next-gen humanoid weapon against a similar weapon of G Corp's; and second, to provoke Heihachi Mishima. Ironically, the first battle was staged on the rooftop of G Corp's own Millennium Tower, possibly in retaliation for their affront to Heihachi. Unmoved by the striking beauty of the skyscraper, Gigas awaited his victim. However, Gigas appears to retain a little of his humanity whenever he sees Katarina without her sunglasses. Turns out, he is actually Katarina's missing step-father.

His nationality is listed as "DATA DELETED" and his fighting style is known as "DESTRUCTIVE IMPULSE".
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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

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Page Updated:  June 3rd, 2019

As a design, Gigas takes inspiration from Gantz's "Hard Suit"... and maybe Bane. Some of Gigas's moves are oddly borrowed from Marduk, but the majority of his moveset is 100% new. He also has some Juggernaut-like moves (and proportions, in general). My favorite thing about Gigas is how much of the screen he takes up. He competes with Abigail for the "largest fighting game character of all time" bragging rights. That said, Gigas has impressive "screen presence," even though his personality (and weak storyline) don't add much to the design. I was hoping for a story tie-in to a past ending or story element from veteran characters (like Dragunov or Devil Jin), but Gigas's TEKKEN 7 story ended up being bland and not answering any questions. :(

Did I mention how freakishly YYYUGE the Gigas is? ...Back in the late 90's or early 2000's, a fighting game character anywhere near the size of Gigas (even a 2D one) would've SLOWED DOWN the entire game. lol. He's an impressive character in that way, and has many cool customizations too. Fun Fact: ONE of Gigas's legs is the size of an entire character from Injustice 2. (Gigas to Injustice 2 characters: "Do you even lift, bros? My ass is bigger than your entire InjustAss roster.")

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