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Kazumi Mishima


Kazumi Mishima is Kazuya's mother and Heihachi's wife. Prior to her playable appearance in Tekken 7, Kazumi has been mentioned in the series lore. Her name is written on the floor of Heihachi's stage in Tekken 2 (next to Heihachi's name). She also briefly appeared in Tekken: The Motion Picture.

Kazumi is
well versed in Hachijo Karate. She was childhood friends with her husband Heihachi and eventually they fell in love. Through their love they birthed a healthy young boy. Fast forward a few years later, Heihachi would become the head of a huge organization called the Mishima Zaibatsu, with plans to conquer the world. Kazumi loved Heihachi unconditionally, but at the same time he was beginning to feel dangerous. In this state, Heihachi threw the world into a war and Kazumi took it upon herself to stop him.

Many years ago, Kazumi Hachijo arrived at Jinpachi Mishima's dojo when she was a young girl. As she trained alongside Heihachi, they became fierce rivals and eventually fell in love. Kazumi then gave birth to their son, Kazuya, and she was enamored by and doted on him. But the family's days of happiness came to and end one day when Kazumi collapsed with a fever during training. While Heihachi was treating her, she got up and suddenly attacked him. The next day, Kazumi had no recollection of what she did to her husband and her fever was gone. For a while, Heihachi believed that Kazumi was suffering from a split personality disorder. But on one stormy night, his belief was proven incorrect.

While Heihachi was practicing his martial arts moves in the dojo, Kazumi confronted him and proclaimed that he would one day become a threat to the world. As they fought, Kazumi revealed to Heihachi about her reason why she married him in the first place. Her family, the Hachijo Clan wanted to kill him and this was her destiny as she finally assumed in her devil form. After a long and grueling fight, Kazumi attempted to kill Heihachi with a Devil's Beam but missed, prompting her to punch him in the face. But Heihachi retaliated by hitting her groin with a powerful uppercut, seemingly killing her while she reverted back to her human form. After Heihachi checked upon her body and turned to leave, Kazumi transformed into her devil form again to attack him from behind but he grabbed her neck. Desperate, Kazumi warned her husband about the chain of hatred and begged him to release her because of their love with one another. Despite her pleas, Heihachi noticed it was a trap and stated to her that she was no longer the Kazumi that he knew as he immediately snapped her neck, killing her. As Kazumi lay dead on the floor, Heihachi shed a single tear over the loss of his wife. Her death also leads her son, Kazuya to take revenge against Heihachi for killing his mother.
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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

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Page Updated:  Jan. 19th, 2019

It took seven canon games... but now the Mishima family is complete! (Probably?. The idea of having Kazuya's mum and Heihachi's wife as a character in TEKKEN 7 is pretty amazing all on its own. We finally know the true origins of the devil gene and also the inspiration behind the tiger on the back of Heihachi's uniform. Great storytelling in retrospect. However, I'd say Kazumi's appearance in T7's storyline was a let down, as she could've been fleshed out as a character much more. However, that's the case with so many fighting game character designs... so let's talk about her moveset real quick.

She's cheap. We all know that. However, you must admit her fighting style is unique for Tekken in every way.... Tiger Assist Attacks? Tiger Uppercut? Cool Mishima-like moves? Yeah, she has cool moves... but her tactics are still... cheap. I also think her tiger effects should be better (I imagine an Okami-style purple 'poof' of smoke when the tiger disappears would've been better). Overall, she's a "pass" TEKKEN design in my eyes and the series would be fine without her "style" of moveset. However, I also gotta say Kazumi combos in TTT3 should be pretty cool. >:) Other than that, I like Kazumi's visual design all around.

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