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Kazumi Mishima


Kazumi Mishima is Kazuya's mother and Heihachi's wife. Prior to Tekken 7, she has been mentioned in the series lore. Her name is written on the floor of Heihachi's stage in Tekken 2 (next to Heihachi's name). She also briefly appeared in Tekken: The Motion Picture.

Kazuya was not the first Mishima family member to make contact with Devil. While Kazuya and Jin believe it started with Jinpachi, only Heihachi knows the truth. Neither Jinpachi, Heihachi nor Lars possess the Devil-gene. In Tekken 7, it is revealed that Kazumi is the first to come in contact with the devil gene, thus giving it to Kazuya.

During the first Tekken 7 story trailer, Kazuya accuses Heihachi of killing his mother. Kazumi states that she must stop Heihachi, as he knows that Kazuya, though young, was born with her powers, and that there's no telling what Heihachi would to Kazuya and others. She reinforces this by stating that if she is killed in the process, Kazuya must do it himself. She then states that she doesn't have complete control of her powers, but she will still proceed, even if it kills her. Despite this, she states that she still loves Heihachi, and that he still loves her.
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Tekken 7

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Tekken 7: Fated Retribution

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Page Updated:  Apr. 11th, 2017

It took seven canon games... but now the Mishima family is complete! (Probably). The idea of having Kazuya's mother & Heihachi's wife as a character in TEKKEN 7 is just amazing all on its own. We finally know the true origins of the devil gene (or rather, we will) and also the inspiration behind the tiger on the back of Heihachi's uniform.

All this... before even knowing that much about Kazumi. As a playable character, Kazumi looks amazing so far. Tiger Assist Attacks? Tiger Uppercut?!?!? Yes please. Looking forward to trying her out for sure.

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