Sunday, December 1st, 2019  

New Granblue Fantasy Versus Character & Stage Trailers


Arc System Works and Cygames recently launched new character trailers for the Granblue Fantasy Versus roster. The new trailers run about a minute and a half, and include some interesting bullet points about each fighter's playstyle. The trailers also use the latest build of the game, which means you'll be seeing the very latest moveset tweaks, along with several brand new stages and background details for fans of the game's beautiful 2.5D aesthetics. Below, check out the new character trailers for Gran, Katalina, Ferry, and Charlotta. The final video is an official preview of the Auguste Isles (Beach) stage featuring Ferry versus Metera.


       Check out TFG's previous article for full details on the GBVS Premium Edition.

       Stay tuned on Fighters Generation for Granblue Fantasy Versus news & content!


Sources:  PlayStationSato
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