Granblue Fantasy Versus

Granblue Fantasy Versus is a 2.5D fighting game developed by Arc System Works and published by Cygames in Japan and XSEED in the west. The title's graphics engine and visual style is comparable to Arc System Works' other hit fighters, Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ - using 3D character models made to look "2D" during gameplay.

The launch roster has 11 characters... 5 more will be added later as DLC.


Granblue Fantasy Versus
launches with 11 characters, with 5 additional DLC fighters confirmed in the first Season Pass. A second Season Pass has also been confirmed which will add at least 5 additional DLC characters! Granblue Fantasy Versus will get a full English dub via western localization, making it the first game in the series to have one. It's likely the English voice team will mirror that of the animated series, Granblue Fantasy: The Animation.

Damn, I like really love this art style. This game has style.


Granblue Fantasy was released in 2014 by Cygames, the studio behind collectible card game Shadowverse. In an effort to recapture the glory days of JRPGs onto smartphones, Cygames hired legendary Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu for the soundtrack, and artist Hideo Minaba (known for his work on Final Fantasy V, VI and IX) to illustrate amazing artwork for the series. The JRPG is rich with lore and nearly 100 or so vibrant characters... so it'll be interesting to see which characters make the cut to the 2019 fighting game spin-off.

If you enjoy lore and RPG elements in fighting games, GBVS has you covered!


In addition to being a full-fledged fighting game, GBVS will feature a 2D side-scrolling "RPG mode" that you'll be able to play with local or online friends. RPG mode features a single-player campaign where you'll collect weapons and power-up your characters. In RPG mode, players will fight against a variety of enemy types, including huge boss fights against Primals. The weapons players collect in RPG mode will also be displayed in-game - changing a character's visible weapon to a new visual design. Characters and weapons can be leveled up and unlock new abilities and effects. Characters can also equip various items / armor pieces that also appear on character models.

Another beautiful 2.5D fighting game by Arc System Works? Nobody's complaining.


A closed beta for Granblue Fantasy Versus took place on PlayStation 4 from May 31st through June 1st, 2019. The first playable beta included 5 playable characters: Gran, Katalina, Charlotta, Lancelot and Ferry, along with two stages and fully functioning online lobbies with avatar customization and more.


Interesting character designs! Ferry reminds me of Fran from FFXI... and is that a blue bomb? 

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Page Updated: August 11th, 2020
Developer(s): Arc System Works
Publisher(s): Cygames  
Designer(s): Yuito Kimura                     Producer
Tetsuya Fukuhara           Director
Hideo Minaba                  Character Design
Artwork By: Hideaki Sawada
Hideo Minaba
Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PC
Release Date(s): Feb. 6th, 2020                PS4  
Mar. 3rd, 2020             /   PS4  
Mar. 13th, 2020          Steam  
Characters Gran, Katalina, Lancelot, Ferry, Lowain, Charlotta, Ladiva, Percival, Metera, Zeta, Vaseraga, Chaos Bringer, Narmaya, Soriz, Djeeta, Belial, Zooey, Cagliostro

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First Impression:

We're living in an era where beautiful 2.5D fighting games by are the NORM. There are so many to choose from now, that many fighting game fans don't even seem to care or notice how great these games look... well, guess what. They should. Granblue Fantasy might not have the "name recognition" in this competitive genre, but I think fighting game fans would be making a big mistake to skip out on this one. Just because there's a new Guilty Gear coming in 2020 doesn't mean GBVS doesn't have a chance to shine.

I had waaay more fun than I was expecting with the PS4 beta (and I was expecting to have some fun). GBVS might actually be the "most fun" ASW fighter I've played in quite a while. The ultra-intuitive 2D gameplay almost feels more like (good) Street Fighter than the likes of Guilty Gear... with more solid, less "floaty" gimmicks over your typical anime fighters. Movement feels slow-ish at times, but promotes calculated decisions, smart neutral game, and paced out specials / projectiles (anti-spam). The "limited usage" special moves system feels solid. Throw in CVS2-style "SNK groove" dodging and KOF style dodge rolling... and GBVS feels like a surprisingly unique 2D fighter that I want to play more of.

It's a match-up heavy game... and the character movesets & play-styles are immediately catchy. All characters even have unique pre-fight interactions with each other (a la MK11)! All this... and I have yet to mention the gorgeously crispy visuals, with an art style knocking it out of the park. I get "positive vibes" from this game so far. GBVS has tons of potential. For me, it's much more artistically & aesthetically refreshing than the likes of Dragon Ball FighterZ and the 26 Gokus in that game. Granblue's character designs are something different, make sense for a fighting game, and are worth checking out.

Prior to the game's announcement; I became familiarized with the Granblue art style and JRPG-inspired character designs. Even though I've never played the RPG, I like these designs. Cool characters, not trying too hard and not overdone. On that note... As history has taught us time and time again... a fighting game is an excellent way to introduce characters to a brand new audience! Granblue reminds me of my beloved Final Fantasy 9 in terms of visual style and designs (as intended). As big fan of Nobuo Uematsu and FF9, it's understated how cool of a collaboration this game truly is.

Granblue is rich with lore, intriguing characters, and even interesting "crossovers" with other series. The crossovers even include SNK's own Samurai Shodown and Capcom's Street Fighter! Granblue series artist Hideo Minaba has already illustrated a variety of well-known fighting game characters for past events in the RPG. Is it possible we could see an actual SNK or Capcom character crossover in Granblue Fantasy Versus?! I've gotta admit, I do have my fingers crossed.

Arc System Works launching yet another new 2.5D fighting game in 2020 might seem like overkill, but in my opinion, is a pretty wise decision. I think Granblue Fantasy Versus will offer something distinguishably different in terms of gameplay, visuals, and overall experience. Once again, I'd strongly recommend you don't overlook this game without giving it a try! 
~TFG Webmaster


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