Samurai Shodown / Samurai Spirits (2019)


PREVIEWOn September 10th, 2018, SNK announced a new installment to one of their most cherished and classic fighting game series... and it's one that long-time SNK fans have been waiting a very long time for. A new Samurai Spirits (or as we know it in the West, Samurai Shodown) is planned for a 2019 release on PlayStation 4.

A true reboot to an iconic fighting series... I couldn't be more excited.

The game features a new style of 3D graphics using Unreal Engine 4. Visually, the game resembles the look and feel of the original 2D series. The "pace" and flow of the gameplay also looks very familiar to the first 2 games of the series... with slowed-down attacks (after impact), exaggerated special move animations, large characters who fill the screen, and colorful, vibrant backgrounds. Interestingly, Haohmaru's in-game face render even favors early Shinkiro art - an early throwback for old school SNK artwork appreciators.

Thankfully, SNK looks to have really "upped their game" since 2016's King of Fighters XIV, showing much more impressive 3D graphics and animation capabilities - even at this early stage of the game's development. The 3D characters onscreen appear to utilize a variety of "filters" or graphical effects, featuring black outlines and unique textures and shaders. Ink brush effects and vibrant particle effects look to visually define this exciting new installment of the series!


Like the old time... Looks beautiful already... a very good sign.

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A true reboot to an iconic fighting series... I couldn't be more excited.


Page Updated: September 13th, 2018
Developer(s): SNK
Publisher(s): SNK
Designer(s): Nobuyuki Kuroki   (Director / Art Director)
Platform(s): PlayStation 4
Release Date(s): TBA 2019
Characters Haohmaru, Galford, Hanzo, Earthquake, Nakoruru, Jubei

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First Impression:

Samurai Shodown is one of the all-time best... and one of the unsung heroes of the early gowth of the fighting game genre. Seeing the series back in the spotlight in 2018-2019 is yet another indication that we live in the best time period ever for fighting games. Welcome back, Samurai Spirits.

While the Samurai Shodown series had a very strong beginning (with at least 3 amazing sequels after the first title)... the series struggled to stay relevant in the 2000s, with lackluster 2D and 3D iterations. It's been over 10 years since the last installment, Samurai Shodown Sen (which we can now forget even happened). That said, no other series deserves a true reboot as much as Samurai Shodown. I can't express how much I'm looking forward to this game.

So far, the 3D graphics engine looks better than I could have imaged. The art style strongly resembles the first 2 games, which isn't only an impressive feat... it's exactly how a reboot of this caliber should look, in my opinion. Could the new Samurai Shodown be the "Street Fighter IV" of its generation for SNK? This game has unlimited potential on what it could do for SNK and fighting games as a whole. 
~TFG Webmaster