Galford Weiler

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An American ninja who fights for justice and truth. Before he was taught Ninjutsu, he was a sailor. During one of his travels, he was told by a crewmate about ninja's (mainly Hanzo). This caused Galford to leave his home and to seek out training under the arts of Ninjutsu. He taught Ninjutsu from a former Iga Kunoichi(a female ninja). He will stop at nothing to get rid of evil and fight for justice. He is always accompanied by his faithful furry friend, Poppie (who later became playable in SS5 & SS6). It's also speculated that Galford has been in love with Nakoruru for a long time.
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Samurai Shodown


Samurai Shodown 2, Samurai Shodown 3, Samurai Shodown 4, Samurai Shodown 5, Samurai Shodown 5 Special, Samurai Shodown 6, Samurai Shodown Sen, Samurai Shodown 64, Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage, Samurai Shodown: Pocket, Samurai Shodown: Pocket 2, Card Fighters Clash, Card Fighters Clash 2, Card Fighters Clash DS

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Page Updated:  June 28th, 2019

I've been a fan of Galford since the very first time I saw him in the original Samurai Shodown. Something about his attire is just plain cool. He's not your typical "boring" 90's ninja. He's got a noticeably cool fighting stance (which interestingly evolved between SS1 to SS2), and his moveset is superb as well. Galford is not only a great-looking character, he's an incredibly clever design. The fact that he fights alongside his pet dog was very innovative to fighting games (especially in 1993). His "American ninja" theme is also a pretty cool aspect of his design and adds to his originality. 

Overall, Galford brings a great amount of personality to the Samurai Shodown series and only improved throughout the sequels. He's always been a fun character and one that adds personality and diversity to Samurai Shodown's roster. And finally, it must be mentioned (for the youngins out there) that Galford is the original blonde-haired ninja... waaaaaaay before Naruto. And by the way, if anyone was ever dense enough to call Galford a rip-off of Naruto, you have my permission to smack them in the face. :)

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